CMConnect Conference Main Session #2 – Beth Guckenberger

cmconnect conference Note from this presentation are likely to be very sparse. Beth Guckenberger is a gifted speaker and storyteller, and every time I have seen her in the past, I have been so captivated by her stories that note taking takes a back seat. Tonight was no exception, but here are some of the gems from her presentation:

rhino 02 God doesn’t always come in the wind. He doesn’t always come in the earthquake. He doesn’t always come in the fire. He shows up in the still small voice.

We need to come into that posture before God where we don’t need the big show, but the intimate closeness.

God is only really looking for two things – faithfulness and availability.

God writes the very best stories!!!

Jesus wants you wholly and fully exactly the way you are!

All other Gods are dead and our God is still alive because His way works!

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