CMConnect Conference – 2015 Opening Session (Andy Kirk)

I’m excited to be here at the CMConnect Conference this week at Southeast Christian Church in Louisville, Kentucky with hundreds upon hundreds of my closest friend. This Conference is comes from Michael Chanley and the people at CMConnect who desire to bring together people who minister to children.

The mission of this conference is Connect / Serve / Advance.

Up first after worship was Andy Kirk from down under.

“Eternal life doesn’t start at death. It starts now.”

How much is your ministry life and death to you?

God has called us to bring heaven to earth.

The greatest way to connect is to serve. Some of the most rude hostile actions happen inside the church. As Christians, we need to serve one another.

Let’s serve and love one another.

Men, are you serving your wives in a way that brings heaven to earth? Bringing heaven to earth starts in home.

We have settled ourselves into a mediocre Christianity where we are going to be content so long as our programs are full.

Do you know the people in your church? Do we act like a family?

Once we serve our family and our church family, then we get to go outside the church and serve others.

Sometimes it’s easier to reach into our mission field than it is to love other Christians.

If we’re not connected to Christ, we won’t bring heaven to earth.

Don’t miss next year’s conference. Go to for details.


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