CM Connect Conference – 2015 Opening Session (Jim Wideman)

Jim Wideman has always been a favorite of mine. He is a fountain of wisdom about children’s ministry and about life. So, it was a great joy to find out that he was coming to the CMConnect Conference to speak and hang out.

What is that one thing that will make my ministry grow? ..connect heaven and earth? Everybody wants the “magic pill.”

If we’re going to be what God wants us to be, it’s about a process.

We need a thinking change.It’s never about you. It’s always about Jesus.

We need to start looking at Why.

“There are a lot of people who love Jesus but don’t value the Word. But, you can’t value the Word without loving Jesus.”

The key to moving from one level to another is changing how you think!

When my grandson comes over, the laptop closes quickly. I wish I had been quicker to close the laptop with the first bunch.

Learn to appreciate every single stage you are in.

All a stronghold is is believing wrong information.

3 Strongholds in Children’s Ministry that need changed:

  1. Change how you think about yourself. (God called you, and He wants you to be His hands and feet.)
  2. Your situation. (No matter your situation, Jesus is there.)
  3. How you think about others.

Is there anything in my life that has become more about me than about Jesus. What are you holding on to that in the presence of a Holy God you would have to drop?

I am amazed how many people use the words “small church” as the largest word in their vocabulary.

It doesn’t matter how impossible your task looks. If God’s called you, you can do it.

If you will just love people, Jesus will open up doors for you.

One of the greatest things you can do for people is just believe in them.




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