Victory in Jesus…Devon Franklin [Kidmin Conference 2014]

God gives us victory. The Bible doesn’t say God gave us victory. It’s not about what He did. It’s about what He’s doing.

Victory is success achieved against opposition.

If you want to claim the victory, you have to claim the struggle.

The struggle you are going through isn’t because God is punishing you, it’s because He is preparing you.

Don’t let others who don’t know God the way you know God validate what victory is to you.

You will not be able to enjoy the vistory unless you push through the struggle.

Stop looking at what you don’t have and remember Who you do have.

Jesus Christ is Victory.

1. He kept God first in everything.

2. Stayed focused.

Busy is not always better. It’s about being focused on what God called you to do.

We need to learn the Gospel of No.

Let God be God for people around you. It’s not your role. You need to stay focused on the goal.

3. Valued a team.

4. He was bold in how He used His gifts.

Don’t dimish the gift God gave you just to fit in.

5. He offered it in love.

Get reacquainted with your first love. Don’t allow the busyness to get you out of loving what you do.

6. Stay committed.

Don’t put a timetable on your God. Your vistory is timeless.

Your victory is not yours alone.

About Devon Franklin: DeVon is a rarity: an African-American studio executive at the forefront of Hollywood’s hit machine. He currently serves as Senior Vice President of Production for Columbia Tristar Pictures. DeVon is also a preacher, a motivational speaker, and the author of Produced By Faith: Enjoy Real Success Without Losing Your True Self.


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