The Music of Brian Davis Band [Kidmin Conference 2014]

One of the great things about Kidmin Conference is the music. Last year I purchased at least two different CDs from bands at Kidmin like Sons & Daughters which have quickly become some of my favorites. This year is looking no different as it is clear that I am going to need to purchase the Brian Davis Band. Thanks for a great morning of worship. I am looking forward to hearing more from them later in the conference.

About Brian Davis Band: The Brian Davis Band is a worship band based in Colorado. Band members Brian Davis, Chuck Hugenberg, Jordon McDonald, Sean Jenneiahn, and Anson Young are all talented musicians with rich backgrounds in leading worship at various churches. Together, they create worship environments that encourage, inspire, and challenge people from all walks of life to worship God as we all stumble toward a better way to live our lives through Jesus.


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