Partnering With the Modern Family Workshop…Anthony Prince [Kidmin Conference 2014]

God has a heart for imperfect families.

A New Generation of Families

60% say if you consider yourself a family, you are a family.

Be like-able

If you are going to lead this conversation at your church. It will help you if people like you.

  • Leverage social media to be likeable by being a person not just a billboard.
  • Am I showing others grace

Casting a Vision for Partnership

When a church and family partner together they can have a massive impact on a child’s life.

The Words that you use can be a way to cast vision.

– If you only talk about parents – what about grandparents, aunts and uncles, etc. Is the vision you’re casting between church and parent or church and family? The more clear you can be, the better people are going to catch the vision.

– The pictures you show matter. Maybe sometimes you show brokeness.

If we are going to include all families, then that should be reflected in your words and pictures.

Celebrate what you want to replicate.

“The grown up in their life….”

The Parent is the Expert not the Enemy

You have to embrace this idea.

They may not be perfect, but they were the ones spending time with that child.

Need to talk about how great the family is. How God uses broken families. How God will continue to use families.

3000 Hours vs. 30-40 hours.

Families Are Busy

If you’re going to ask for their time, mke it count

Not Everyone Cares

Repeat the vision all the time because not everyone knows and that’s why not everyone cares.

Just because not everyone cares doesn’t mean you should give up.

Determining Levels of Engagement

Start at the end you have in mind (what does a partnership with a family look like).

What if our churches started adoptiong these kids, and their parents?

Not everyone gets there all at once

Celebrate when people move from one step of engagement to the other


Get to know the family first.

Do your forms and processes allow for non-traditional families.

Baby Steps Into Partnership

Are you just making families more busy?

Are you using your events to cue the family to have a conversation?

Who are those families who already get it? Understand partnership and adopting other families in. Go to them first.

Examine all of your print and web materials and ask if it is hurdle for non-traditional families.

About Anthony Prince: Anthony is a husband, dad, and pastor—in that order. He’s a graduate of the School of Theology at Azusa Pacific University. He’s been in children’s ministry for 13 years. He currently directs Children and Family Ministry at Glenkirk Church in Los Angeles.


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