Ministry Conversation: Ministry In a Non-Sunday Setting [Kidmin Conference 2014]

How do you keep midweek ministry from being just one more thing?

Do for a couple. Small groups. If they are tied to one another, they aren’t going to walk away from the church.

What are measures of success for a midweek program?

  • Number of kids
  • Mid week builds on Sunday
  • Of those who come on Wednesday, how many plugged in, serving, etc. on Sunday
  • Goal doesn’t have to be to get them into your church
  • Kids feel they are cared for

Outreach Ideas for Kids

  • Give back Sunday – Target Veterans – make cards, pack bags
  • Boomerang Backpacks – pack lunches and dinners for kids who wouldn’t have anything for the weekend
  • Chaplains in local hospitals – families find themselves stranded at hospital. Don’t have basic needs (soap, shampoo, tooth paste, etc.) Families started putting together travel packs in ziploc bags to Chaplains in local hospitals.
  • Food for th homeless
  • Work at the local school (plant a garden)
  • Go to a nursing home

Having something in the middle of the week is nice for families who can’t get to church on Sundays.

If doing something outside the walls of the church, be encouraged and stick with it. People will eventually come alongside and parents will react when they see you loving on their children.

Recruiting Outside the Church

Mentor families at a local college. Build a relationship with them. That student has friends, and some will be seeking Christian relationships. Once you form them, these kids want to serve.

Conversation Description: If your ministry is to at-risk kids, a midweek outreach into the community, foster-care families, a military base, or some other unique setting, you’ll find encouragement and inspiration here. Come hear from experts who are breaking out of the church walls!

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