Ministry Conversation: How to Have a Volunteer Wait List…Christian VandenHeuvel [Kidmin Conference 2014]

Is the Idea of a Volunteer Wait List Biblical?

  • Lord of the harvest
  • About relationships
  • Need to look in the right place
  • Year round recruiting


Diet & Exercise approach to recruiting volunteers: “I notice you are good at _______. I could really use your help in the ________ ministry doing __________.” It really works


Why would you have a wait list? Put those volunteers to work!


Should you require parents of preschoolers to share? No! Just because you use the toilet doesn’t mean you know how to fix it.


How do you recruit when you’ve worked through everyone you know? Think outside the box – grown kids, teachers, talk to adult small groups


How do you recruit men? Talking about the importance of men in the lives of kids. Make church “cool” enough for the 30 year old male voluteer. Couples working together. Annual car show. Fishing trip. Gun range.


Commitment level? Give them an off ramp.


Is it appropriate to guilt congregation with not having a class? Tempting. Don’t want people serving out of guilt.


In order to grow, you have to say no!

How do you recruit when you’re not in the adult service? Have your current volunteers do it.

Conversation Description: What? Is that even possible? Come hear from others who’ve figured out a few secrets (including lots of prayer) to have volunteers lining up to serve in children’s ministry. Share ideas, challenges, and solutions in this conversation.


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