My Plan for Kidmin Conference 2014

Kidmin Conference 2014 takes over Columbus, Ohio starting in 2 days and I’ve finally decided on what I’ll be doing for the conference. Of course, all this is subject to change if I run in to an old friend or a new one and decide to hang out with them instead. As far as I know, it’s not too late to join us, so if you can come to Columbus and meet me (plus there’s a conference going on as an added bonus).


Here’s my plan. I’ll be blogging about the workshops and main sessions here where possible, so check back if you want my notes.


  • Unofficial Meetup in the Food Court from 11:00 – 1:00 (join us if you can)
  • Friday Afternoon Ministry Conversation #2: Kidmin is my “other” job
  • Friday Afternoon Ministry Conversation #3: Ministry In A Non-Sunday Setting
  • Friday Evening General Session: Christy Nockels, The Skit Guys and Roddy Chong [Chosen by God]
  • Saturday Morning General Session: Brian Davis Band & Greg Baird [Designing the Surge]
  • Saturday Workshop #1: How Kids’ Faith Grows…Steve Alley
  • Saturday Workshop #2: Partnering With The Modern Family…Anthony Prince
  • Saturday Evening General Session: Brian Davis Band, The Skit Guys, Jon Acuff, Jason Gray, Lindsay McCaul and Unspoken [Turning the Tide]
  • Sunday Morning General Session: Brian Davis Band, Pat Verbal [It Takes A Team]
  • Sunday Workshop #1: Supporting Families In Crisis…Katie Wetherbee
  • Sunday Workshop #2: Welcoming All Kinds of Families…Katie Wetherbee
  • Sunday Evening General Session: Brian Davis Band, The Skit Guys, Devon Franklin [Victory in Jesus]
  • Monday Workshop #5: Confident Parents…Jim Burns
  • Monday Morning General Session: Brian Davis Band, Cynthia Crane [Charge!]

I think this year I am also going to check out the Men in Ministry Connect Group.

I’m also looking forward to meetings, lunches, dinners, etc. with a variety of kidmin friends both old and new.



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