Team Of One – When Ministry Is Lonely [Jenny Funderburke – Group Kidmin Conference]

Problems of being in a ministry of one:

  1. Turing/Burnout
  2. No Support
  3. No one to bounce things off of / feeback
  4. Facility
  5. Volunteers
  6. Age Groups

Fighting Burnout

– Take care of yourself spiritually

– Talk to other people doing the same thing (local groups)

– Create a team with other peopl

Fighting the Loneliness

– Find people

– Conferences

– Local people



  1. Not only is it difficult being a ministry team of one, it is difficult and often lonely at the top. As bosses or supervisors, we must draw a line between us and our staff. Avoid getting to friendly with our staff. Remember we are co-workers first and friends second. It’s tough. Thank you for this post.

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