My Plans for Group’s Kidmin Conference 2013

imageGroup’s Kidmin Conference starts this afternoon.  At noon today, I will start the long trek down to the conference center (8 miles) and begin a weekend full of networking, refreshing and friends.  I am, in case you couldn’t guess, excited about it and wanted to take a second to thank Group for making it possible.

I am planning on blogging the sessions I attend starting this afternoon, and I wanted to give you a preview of where I am planning on being.  Things do change sometimes, so this is no guarantee.  I identified multiple workshops for each session that I would like to attend, so there is a possibility that I might switch when I get there.  That said, here is what you’re likely to see me writing about here over the next several days:


  • Parents: Friend or Foe? (Anthony Prince) [Ministry Conversation]
  • Triage for Hurting Families (Chris Schaffner & Patti Gibbons) [Ministry Conversation]
  • Celebrate Who You Are (Joni Eareckson Tada) [General Session]


  • Understanding the Uniqueness of Every Child (Dan Webster) [Workshop]
  • Celebrate When God Shows Up (Craig & Mary Jutila) [General Session]


  • Celebrate One (Ricardo Miller) [ General Session]
  • Sharing Stories Across the Generations (Holly Allen) [Workshop]
  • Dealing With Current Hot Topics Without Getting Fired (Steve Alley) [Workshop]
  • Celebrate Family (Dave Stone) [General Session]


  • A Beeline for Everything in Ministry (Rick Lawrence) [Workshop]
  • Celebrate Jesus (Danielle Bell) [General Session]

If you’re going to be at Kidmin, let me know. I’m on twitter @stocksohio or you can just leave a comment below.

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