Parents: Friend or Foe [Anthony Prince – Group Kidmin Conference]

Description: Checked-out, overbearing, inconsistent, entitled, helpful, involved, caring, invested—just a snapshot of the parents you encounter. Dig into the challenge of ministering to all of them with God’s love in sharp focus. Discuss ways to encourage parents toward spiritual growth.

imageProblems Faced in Dealing With Parents

Church is Not a priority

Don’t reinforce what is taught

Parents aren’t as serious about their kids’ spirituality as their own

Give parents a strategy not information.

It’s the church’s responsibility to develop faith not theirs

Take what parents are already doing and leverage that
Grow curriculum
Family small groups – match like aged kids

How to balance your families needs with your volunteer’s need

  • Balance is hard for us

– Make your children’s church look like adult worship so the kids will know what to expect

How do you get people in the church in-line with the vision for children’s ministry

  •  Have them worship together (bypass the pastor)
  • Pray

About Anthony: Anthony is the Director of Children and Family Ministry at Glenkirk Church in Los Angeles, California. He’s a graduate of the School of Theology at Azusa Pacific University.

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