Celebrate When God Shows Up [Craig & Mary Jutlia – Group Kidmin Conference General Session]

imageHow do you say know to kids coming to Christ?

People encourage over working. In the corporate world people get a raise or a promotion for overwork.  In children’s ministry, maybe you get a window.

You always drift to the place of least resistance.

In life you change when you learn enough you want to or hurt enough to have to.

When you drift apart to your furthest spot, that’s when bad things happen.

You don’t DRIFT back to health.

Don’t expect God to do what you won’t do.

God knows where you are.

God came to redeem all of us from our messedupness.  We don’t have to be perfect because we’re in ministry.

About Craig & Mary: Craig and Mary know firsthand that having a joy-filled marriage and a happy family takes work—something that didn’t happen in the early years of their marriage. With their marriage and family in crisis, they made a series of changes that helped them start on a journey to move from hectic to healthy. They’ve been married for 20 years and live in Southern California with their three children.

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