Celebrate Family [Dave Stone – Group Kidmin General Session]


Some things bring out the worst of us and some things bring out the best of us in working with kids,

If kids are arrows, then they need to be sharpened, straightened, aimed and released.

Three ways to celebrate family:

1. Value One Another

As a culture we don’t value individuals

Many times a church’s rhetoric is not matched with its resources.

2. Extending Grace to One Another

We are harder on the kids in our home than the ones in our ministry.

We have a hard time granting grace, but we stand in line to receive it.

We show grace because we need grace.

We have all blow it as parents.

The question is:

Have you repented?

Have you asked your kids for forgiveness?

Are you trying to do better?

3. Show love to one another

We get so consumed with the work of The Lord that we forget The Lord of the work.

Satan knows your name, but he calls you by your sin.  Jesus knows your sin, but He calls you by your name.

About Dave: Dave is the senior pastor of Southeast Christian Church in Louisville, Kentucky, where he preaches to more than 22,000 people each weekend. Southeast’s mission is to connect people to Jesus and one another. Dave is the author of a newly released series of books called Faithful Families. He enjoys spending time with his wife, Beth, and his family. He’ll touch your heart and your funny bone.

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