Recruiting & Volunteers – Patsy Palmer (CM Leaders)


Basic Principals of Recruiting

1. Pray
2. Be Sensitive
3. Obey
4. Never Overlook
5. Plan
6. Have
7. Give
8. Help

Identify the Following re: Volunteers

1. Saved?
2. Worshipper
3. Faithful
4. Active
5. Passionate
6. Organized
7. Creative
8. Teachable
9. Positive

Disciple Suggestions for Kids

1. Children’s Talent Show
2. Seminars/Training
3. Expos
4. Meetings
5. Retreats
6. Bible Studies
7. Prayer Groups

Dr. Patsy Palmer affectionately called “Aunty Patsy” was born in Westmoreland, Jamaica. As a girl she became ill and lost the ability to walk. During her illness, her commitment to Christ grew and she promised Him that if she was healed; she would share the gospel with children. She was healed and has spent her life keeping that promise.Dr. Palmer is co-founder of Praise Tabernacle Church, Kingston, Jamaica and founder of Praise Tabernacle Christian Academy. The 500 student academy was started with eight children who begged her to start a school because of how dangerous their school was. As youth pastor , “Aunty Patsy” has been the visionary behind the establishment and intense growth of the children’s ministry. Dr. Palmer has parented more than fifteen children and helped support many others. She lives a life dedicated to her promise to share the love of God with boys and girls all over the world.

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