Good Idea. Now What? (Charles Lee)


The church is often organizations of inspiration.

Ideas are impotent without action.

2 kinds of people when it comes to ideas:

  1. Idea lovers
  2. Idea makers

An idea from God will haunt you for the rest of your life if you don’t do something about it.

The way ideas appear to work:

1. Ideas really flourish when you focus on the culture in which an idea is incubated and grows.

– If the primary leaders don’t care about it, it probably won’t happen.
– You are creating a story for your culture. Stories frame vision.
– You reaffirm the vision through effective storytelling.

A five step plan:

Start with vision which breeds culture which leads to innovation which inspires and creates growth which ultimately deliver value to end users.

If you don’t focus on culture, you loose your best people.

2. Creating space to diverge

Traditional thinking – “Has anyone else ever done it?”

Create space to diverge from what has already been done.

You need to nurture your idea because you don’t know which ones will eventually connect.

Bring different people to the table.

3. Embrace Actionable Process

Acting on new ideas will pull you away from people in your life.

The people who cheer you on the most might become critical of your ideas.

Need open communication to avoid.

The Paradox of Ideation: The idea you end up with won’t be the same idea you started with.

Think Big
Start Small
Keep Moving

You won’t know what questions for ask unless you keep moving.

All of the thoughts we put on paper must be constantly editable.

Better to launch at 70% than have 95% and never launch.


1. Vision
2. Design
3. Assess
4. Celebrate
5. Share

4. Create Rhythm for We & Me

Guard your time where you can.

Resist the urge to share your idea right away. It tricks your brain into thinking you’re doing something about your idea if you’ve shared it.

When it comes to idea making:

1. At the end of the day what matter most to you? Invest in it every day.
2. How much is enough?

Charles is the CEO & Chief Idea-Maker at Ideation, an idea agency that specializes in helping businesses & organizations create & implement remarkable ideas via creative business design, organizational innovation, branding, design, marketing, social media, and divergent problem-solving. He is also the author of Good Idea. Now What?: How to Move Ideas to Execution, a practical book designed to help people move ideas to implementation. In addition, Charles is the creator of grassroots efforts including Ideation Conference, the Idea Camp, and the Freeze Project as well as the co-founder of JustOne. Charles regularly speaks on topics such as creativity, innovation, idea-making, branding, collaboration, new media, and social entrepreneurism.

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