Creating Freedom Fighters – Raziel Nunez (CM Leaders)


One of the things we struggle with in Mexico is lack of fatherhood.

These kids don’t know who they are.

Don’t know who there dad is. Just know he isn’t there.

When you talk about God being a Father, they just don’t understand that.

They carry a lot of rejection. Have to be so careful with them. Give them love and understand they are in a lifelong process.

When God gives you a lot, he asks a lot of you.

When they come in, you have take away the idea that these are “bad kids.”

Maybe in that classroom, maybe is the next president of your country.

The devil knows that what you have in your hand is what is going to make a difference.

You are raising up those who will offer freedom to those who are still in change,

You are preparing a generation of freedom fighters.

If your ministry is hard, you are doing exactly what God wants.

Grew up without a dad. Father abandoned them.

Would make up stories.

When nobody believes in you, there is just God left.

God took me in and adopted me like a son.

God is trusting you with his treasure.

Teach them that he is your father, then teach them that He is their Father too.

Originally from Monterrey, Nuevo León, México, he gave his life over to Christ at the age of 23 through a radical conversion that rescued his life from drugs and addictions. With a God-given passion for underprivileged children and teens in his heart, he began to serve in his local church as a youth pastor and the director of the Ebenezer Rehabilitation Center. As the founder of the Extreme Salvation Ministry, he shared the message of salvation with more than 15,000 children using his testimony and his childlike spirit. Also, he spent time serving as a caregiver in the children’s home Casa Hogar Manantial de Amor. He graduated from the Christ Bible Institute for the Nations in Monterrey, and is a speaker at youth conferences, events and churches. He founded “Pacto de Paz” ministry, where he currently serves as the pastor, along with his wife. He is also part of the staff of Back2Back Monterrey, an international ministry that is focused on the care of orphans, where he is the house parent for eight teenage girls in the Hope Program.


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