Releasing – Andy Kirk (CM Leaders)


Are you serving God or the concepts of God?

Could you walk away from your ministry and never do it again?

The key to releasing – Get close to the King’s heart.

Get close to your senior pastor.

Sometimes we get resentful and end up being ineffective at everything.

1. Serve God and not the church.

– Don’t fall into the pattern of just doing the duties.
– Do not say it’s ministry and treat it like a job.

2. Trust in God

3. Be secure enough to know that you are going to be replaced someday.

– The only role you won’t be replaced in is as a father and husband,

Andy Kirk along with his wife Christie have been in full time Children’s Ministry for the last 10 years. They have two children, Ryan & Cooper and are passionate about empowering and equipping leaders to reach Children. Andy is the National Director for Kids R Us in Australia. He will inspire you to think outside the usual parameters and inspire innovative thinking.

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