Going At It Alone (Matt Summerfield)


A person trying to make it on there own is an accident waiting to happen. – Howard Hendricks

The way God has created us is that we need a close walk with other people in addition to our walk with God.

Adam and Eve were created to be helpers for each other.

The Bible knows nothing of solitary religion – John Wesley

Study of pastors who had failed found four reasons:

  • Stopped investing in daily time.
  • Sexually involved with a woman they were counseling.
  • Never thought they would fail.
  • None were involved in a personal accountability group.

You will never reach your full potential in Christ unless you are willing to submit to a spiritual helper who is further ahead of us in the journey of faith.

If Adam needed someone to come alongside and help him before the fall, how much more do we need someone to help us?

We need to take accountability seriously.

Four characteristics of genuine accountability:

  1. You have to see it.
  2. Have to own it,
  3. Seek to solve it.
  4. Do it. Make the change.

The problem in the church today is that so much of our conversation is superficial.

We all have a secret life, but God wants us to be liberated from it.

When you confess to someone, you get an inkling of how God responds to you.

– Have at least one person you are learning from.
– Have two people who are at the same stage as you.
– Three people you are committed to discipling,


Matt Summerfield balances his time between being the Chief Executive of Urban Saints (a UK based youth and children’s missionary movement) and the Senior Pastor of Hitchin Christian Centre (www.hcc.org.uk). Life is never dull! He has been involved in youth and children’s ministry for over 25 years and is passionate about seeing children and young people embrace God’s great adventure for their lives. Matt is married to his tap-dancer wife Jo, and they have two sons, Andrew (20) and Daniel (17). He loves water fights, Häagen Daz ice cream, and watching movies – although not usually at the same time!

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