Add Some Spark to Your Children’s Ministry

PT KABOOMyellowChildren’s ministry isn’t supposed to be about fun, right? There no room for fun if you’re serious about teaching kids about God, right?  Not so much.  There is room for fun in ministry, after all God invented fun, and if we can use it to teach kids about him and bring glory to his name – all the better!  That’s why I want to tell you about a brand new ministry that your church can use to both teach kids about God and provide a memorable experience that your kids and your families will be talking about for months to come.

Today I want to introduce you to KaBoom! MinistriesKaBoom! is a ministry of Pastor Tom Bump.  I know Tom personally.  In addition to being a gifted teacher and a devout follower of Christ, he is a family man and an all around good guy!  When I was hosting the Kidmin1124 radio show on CMConnect, we did a show a presenting the gospel to kids.  I had Tom on as a guest, and I was blown away by his ability to clearly and passionately present the gospel in a way kids can understand.  As I’ve gotten to know him better, I come to appreciate Tom’s heart for God and God’s people as well as and his friendship.  Prior to starting KaBoom! Ministries, Tom has served on staff as the children’s pastor of various sized churches and spoken at a variety of camps, events and conferences.

So, what can KaBoom! Ministries do for your church?

I’m glad you asked.  KaBoom! Ministries is the home of the famous/infamous PT KaBoom.  Here’s how the website describes him:

He is a scientifical, (yes, I said scientifical!)  goofball, that loves to help kids explore the science. He can come to your church or birthday and explore the fun and magic of science and share just how amazing God created each one of us!

Still wondering?  Check out this video of PT KaBoom! in action.


I was teaching in the next room when all this went down, so I can attest to the excitement oozing through the walls from that room.  A visit from PT KaBoom to your next church event, camp, VBS, Awana program or Sunday Morning service is sure to not only leave a lasting memory but leave a lasting impression on your kids about the glory and goodness of God.

Tom is happy to come to your church as PT KaBoom, but he has even more to offer now.  The goal of KaBoom! Ministries as a whole is to equip parents and the church to reach the children of God.  KaBoom! offers opportunities for your church to engage Tom to consult with you or coach you on having an effective children’s ministry.  This is an awesome opportunity to learn directly from someone with 25 years experience “in the trenches” at a very reasonable rate.  Tom also offers volunteer training seminars and other opportunities to help you grow your children’s ministry and your volunteers.

And, starting this fall, KaBoom! will be offering a 4 hour seminar for parents.

If you are at all interested in finding out more, I encourage you to contact Tom through his website.  Whether you decide to have Tom come to your church or not, I guarantee that the phone call alone will be worth your time to connect with Tom.

NOTE: I received nothing for posting this article other than the satisfaction of knowing I may have introduced you to a ministry that can add value to your church and children’s ministry.  Though it may sound like a paid advertisement, it is directly from my heart.

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