The Ipad and Reading The Bible

ipadLast week I wrote about the importance of reading the Bible.  This week, I want to make another recommendation to you.  If you have an iPad, it should become your primary means for reading the Bible.

When I first got an iPad about 18 months ago (I wasn’t an early adopter), it felt like an oversized iPhone.  I wasn’t entirely sure what I would do with it, but I love techy things so I was excited to try it out.  One thing I was certain I wouldn’t do with it was use it as an e-reader.  I spend a lot of time each day staring at a computer screen in my day job, and I couldn’t imagine reading books that way.  Give me an old fashioned book with a highlighter, and I was happy.

As it turned out, I couldn’t have been more naïve.   Reading is in fact one the primary uses for my iPad these days.  I review pdfs on it.  I read my blog feeds on it.  I love the Kindle app and have several books store there that I use in preparation for children’s ministry lesson.  And, perhaps more than anything else, I love the ability to read my Bible on the iPad.  I use Olive Tree’s app.  To this day it, along with the ESV Study Bible, is still the most expensive app I’ve purchased, and it was worth every penny and more.  The ability to search the Bible, highlight as you read, tag things, keep bookmarks and so much more has made the iPad an invaluable tool both for Bible reading and study.  Commentaries are available for the text you are reading at the touch of a button.  Charts and graphs come alive as you see them side by side with the text.  I am able to keep my personal notes as I read right alongside any sermon notes I might take as I sit in church.  I haven’t counted, but I have upwards of 15-20 different highlighting colors (all customizable) to highlight relevant passages.  So, for example, all the different names of God are highlighted in purple.  Passages about children and families are in blue.  References to the Holy Spirit are in Orange, and so on and so on.  Each time I  read through the Bible, I add more an more highlights as God leads me to knew topics to study whether than be the love of God, fear of God, holiness or whatever else.  And, all of your highlights transfer between translations of the Bible.  My “go to” translation is the ESV, but I also have an NASB and HCSB in my Olive Tree library.

Olive Tree has an extensive library of Bibles and aids that are available for purchase (some are free), and it can be used to read other books as well. I am currently re-reading Spurgeon’s “Come ‘Ye Children” in Olive tree, and I’ve purchase his complete sermon library.  The sermons relevant to the passages you are reading can be shown in the commentary section using the Resource Guide feature.  Frankly, there are a ton of additional resources I would like to purchase for Olive Tree, and it is only my budget that keeps me from doing it!

The iPad in general, and Olive Tree in particular, have revolutionized how I read and study my Bible.  If you have an iPad, I would suggest you give it a shot as well.

NOTE: I have not been paid or compensated in any way for this endorsement.  I am merely sharing my exciting for this product.  That said, if someone at Olive Tree would like to send me a bunch of free stuff for their app, I would not say no! Smile


  1. I have been using Olive Tree products for several years on various devices. It has become my go to Bible study method also. I love the fact that items that I purchased for use on my Dell Axim PDA or Android phone are still in my library for my iphone and Ipad. I love the sync feature so I can read on my phone when I don’t have my ipad with me and continue later on my ipad (or even PC now). I have added many resources over the years and like you I would like to have more if my budget would allow. I have used other e-Bibles and still keep several other Bible apps, but this is the one that I always recommend. The resource guide makes it so easy to dig deeper into a passage or translation and get a greater understanding. Highlighting, notes, bookmarks, ribbons, reading plans, countless resources, etc. It all adds up to a great app that makes Bible study even more convenient and enjoyable.

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