CM Leaders – Sam Luce

We have to be constantly recalibrating our lives back to the Gospel.

Jesus is everything.

Our kids need people who will lay down their lives for the people they are leading.

Why don’t we release leaders more?

  1. We want fans more than we want sons.
  2. We get caught up in who gets the credit rather than who gets the glory.
  3. We get caught up in building our own kingdom.

God has not called us to be tweeters of the gospel but to make disciples.

You don’t lead by trying to protect something.

Do you want the people around you to outshine you?

God is interested in our obedience more than he is interested in our success.

When we understand that Jesus is the Alpha and Omega, everything in our life has meaning – because of him.

We have to provide environments that allow people to fail.

The thing that will always keep us humble is realizing that I need Christ as much as everyone else.

I am measured by what Jesus Christ thinks of me.

Sometimes we have to give up what we like to build what we love.

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