CM Leaders – Phil Vischer

Are we painting a picture of Christianity that captures Kid’s interest?

Modernity leads to fewer needs and less purpose.

What does a life following Jesus look like to our kids?

The Christianity of my childhood seemed like something that would keep you out of trouble. It did not seem exciting.

We are hungry for something “bigger,” something “beyond.”

We are hungry for transcendence – especially our kids!

We don’t want to live in a world where there is nothing behind the curtain.

Where do our kids go if the world takes faith away?

What if kids aren’t longing for too much? What if we are settling for too little?

Language is powerful.

People have redefined the word faith.

Faith is a statement of trust in what we do not know for sure,

Science is based on faith. There is a faith assumption on which all science is based.

Faith grows through knowledge and experience.

Faith is a prerequisite for all of life not just life with God.

Reason and faith go hand in hand.

We witness the power of God in changed lives – in testimony.

Do your kids long for a happily ever after? Read them the end of The Book!

We need to teach kids to examine their longings

2 steps to building faith

1. Teach them about God – the stories and character of God.
2. Help them get to know God. Take Him at his word. Step out in faith.

Don’t let your kids settle for less than they were created for!

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