CM Leaders – Brian Dollar – Kidminnovator (From Duplication to Innovation)

Don’t opt for duplication rather than innovation.

– Duplication is easier.
– Duplication is faster.
– Duplication rarely produces eternal results.
– Seek God first.

We have been reluctant to embrace the idea of every kidmin leader as an innovator.

Kidminnovator: someone whose heart and mind is open enough to allow God to birth something in them that will change their community!

Don’t believe the lie: I’m not just a creative person.

You can be an innovator because you are a child of God.

We  don’t innovate because of fear.

Courage is the willingness to take action in the face of fear.

What. Does a Kidminnovator Look Like

  1. Question everything – even the stuff that seems to be going well.
  2. Look everywhere for ideas and inspiration.
  3. Bored by duplication.
  4. Take more criticism because they are blazing a trail.
  5. Make more mistakes because they are trying something that hasn’t been done before.
  6. Constantly looking for clues in their culture,
  7. Value those who will tell them the hard truth.
  8. Need administrative people around them to help make ideas a reality.
  9. Intensely driven.
  10. Innovate from a desire to make a difference.

We don’t question and evaluate because we’re afraid of what we might find.

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  1. Wayne, thanks for sharing this for those of us that weren’t able to make it.

    I love what Brian had to say here. We are created in the image of the creator of th universe. As such we are inherantly creative. It manifests differently in each of us, but we are all creative. We should all be striving to tap into that creativity.

    Matt N.