CM Leaders – Michael Chanley

– Leadership is more like an art and less like a science.

– We try to create box of what leadership is.

– You may be a good leader in some areas and a bad leader in others.

– We can gain wisdom by studying patterns.

– We should look at patterns in leadership to learn.

– Shared brain. We share information with the other people in our lives. That is why grief (from death or divorce) leads to loss memory. (more on this at a later date on

3 Leadership Arts

1. Develop (walking in faith, developing self, developing others)

You can’t burn out when you’re connected to God. We don’t burn out – we rust out.

2. Lead (casting vision, creating strategy, navigating change)

Churches with healthy children’s ministry teams have at their helm a healthy leader.

3. Disciple (identifying leaders, training them to serve, releasing them to lead)

The big challenge of the church. Hw do you build disciples who are disciple makers.

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