RAIN FOR ROOTS (A Dad in the Middle Review)


There is a great new album coming out today for younger kids called Rain for Roots.  All of the songs on the album were written by Sally Lloyd-Jones  the author behind one of my favorite books ever – The Jesus Storybook Bible.  The music is performed by Sandra McCracken, Ellie Holcomb, Flo Paris and Katy Bowser.  You can buy the album starting today at RainforRoots.com or http://www.bandcamp.com/rainforroots.  If you use the special code “inthemiddle” when you place your order, you can save 10%.  The digital release also includes a pdf file of a booklet with chords.

My Review

There is lots of good music out their for kids that is Biblically based, and I would add this CD to that mix.  It is biblically sound, and it does a great job of putting your focus exactly where it should be – on God!  The folksy sound of the album is very different than most of what is out there, and I think it is a welcome addition.  The sound theology means you can safely use this album to teach your children biblical truth.  The soft sounds means you can also put it on at night and let them fall asleep to the sound of God’s truth.  I would recommend this album to people with younger children and those who do preschool ministry.  If that describes you, don’t miss your chance to win a free copy at the bottom of this article.

Most of the songs (particularly the Old Testament related songs) follow the same formula – a series of questions about a Bible story answered by God did.  It’s an important message – no doubt, and perhaps it sets a pattern for young kids to think “Who did ____? God did!”  I think that’s valuable.  The New Testament songs follow a pattern of questions followed by the answer “His name is Jesus.”  Again, this is an important truth.  However from the standpoint of listening to these songs over and over again (something us parents do frequently), it can get a little tiresome.  That said, I do appreciate the effort to put God firmly at the center of this album.

Who Is This Album For?

This album would be best for younger kids – preschool and earlier.  I think children in the 2-3 age range might like it best.  Though some of the tunes are catchy and even older children might find themselves singing them.

A Song-By-Song Review

God Makes Everything: “Yes little one.  Yes it’s true. God made them all, and God made you.”  That is the clear message of this song.

Doxology: This short little song may be may favorite on the album.  It is an a cappella doxology of praise to God.  There is just something tender and endearing about this song, and I love the idea of engaging even very young kids in genuine worship of God.

Moses: The message of this song is that God will care for us the same way He took care of Moses.  I do have to say that I listened to the Noah song before this one, and they sound all most too much alike.  I think in some ways this reinforces the message that God is control (which I love).  On the other hand, they sound almost alike.

Noah: I love this song about Noah. Unlike most other stories of Noah which focus on bunches of cute animals and Noah’s obedience, the focus of this song is on all that God did for Noah. The song goes one step further in connecting that protection of Noah to the protection that God offers us in our own lives.

David Beats Goliath: God helped David to beat Goliath.  The message of this song is that God will also help “a little child like you.”

God Saves Daniel: God heard Daniel and helped him not to be afraid.  This song does not follow the predictable pattern of God did something for an Old Testament character, and He will do it for you too.

Jesus is Born: This song sets out who Jesus is and why He came to earth – “to be with you.”

Jesus Stops A Storm: Based on the story of Jesus calming the storm, this song reminds kids that He will answer when they call.

Jesus Loves Zaccheus: When the song started “Zaccheus was…” I was certain this was going to be another rendition of the popular children’s “wee little man tune.”  Instead, this song is actually a nice little song to remind kids that Jesus loves them.  It is one of the more upbeat songs on the album.

Jesus Loves Little Children: This song screamed lullaby to me.  The message is that God made everything, but you are more important to Him than all of that.

Jesus is Alive: This song encourages kids to celebrate the fact that Jesus is alive!

The Giveaway

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The Disclaimer

I was provided with a free download of this album for purposes of doing this review.  That did not, in any way, influence the contents of this review.

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  1. Would love this CD for the toddlers in our ministry as well as in the child care center where I work.