Little Praise Party, Happy Day Everyday (A DAD IN THE MIDDLE REVIEW)


One of my favorite artists, Yancy is at it again with her latest release called “Little Praise Party, Happy Day Everyday!”  This album of worship songs for preschoolers had me up and dancing when I listened to it with my kids.  From four all the way up to eleven, all of my kids loved this album from start to finish.  In addition to having some great worship songs for younger kids, this album also include songs to help preschoolers celebrate specific days like Birthdays, Christmas, Easter and Thanksgiving.

This release is available on CD as well as a Home DVD which includes 11 songs with animated music videos.  There is also a Church DVD which includes all 11 videos plus the soundtracks for all songs and mpeg type files to import into your presentation software.

I can’t recommend this resource strongly enough.  Go to and orders yours today!


Oh yeah, I almost forgot!  Yancy has been kind enough to allow us to give away a ministry combo set which includes the CD and DVD.  To enter,

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I’ll pick a winner next Thursday, April 12, 2012.


Brand New Day…Based on the verse “This is the Day the Lord has made” this song encourages kids to thank God for the days in their lives.  It encourages kids to get involved with motions and words.  This is easily one of my favorite songs on the album.

Shout!…This catchy song encourages kids to “Shout Out” that they love Jesus and tell other people about it.  A great song to teach young kids about sharing their faith.

Go!…This missions oriented song encourages kids to “Go” and tell His story to others.

Love One Another…This song teaches basic biblical principals like loving one another and be kind to each other.  It is chocked full of scripture references to plant in your young child’s heart.

Hosanna Rock…Hosanna…Ho…Ho…Hosanna is a catch that you won’t soon get out of your head after listening to this song (and I mean that in a great way).  This is a great worship song for kids with active worship (clap your hands, wave your arms, play the drums, etc.) built right in to engage your preschoolers.

One, Two, Three…A song to remind kids that Christ died for us and rose again on the third day.  This song will turn your focus to Jesus whether you’re 3 or 103.

The Springtime Song…A perfect song for this time of year, The Springtime Song even includes a reference to an Easter Egg (gasp!).  The important part is that it reminds us that the most important thing to remember is that Jesus is alive and He loves us.  This would be an awesome song to use in your ministry at Easter time or anytime!

The Dog Song…This is a great preschool song that compares our relationship with Jesus to “an old hound dog.”  It sounds out there I know, but it really is a catchy song, and any song that gets a room full of preschoolers barking like a dog is a keeper in my books.

Happy Birthday To You…Tired of the same old birthday song?  Check out this ramped up version from Yancy that is sure to please!

Bye, Bye, Bye…This song reminds kids to say goodbye to their fears because God is always with us.

I Like To…Get your kids moving as they jump for joy because Jesus loves us!

Don’t Be A Turkey…I knew this one would be a hit with my own kids before I ever turned it on, and sure enough the first time I played it for them we had to listen to it for about an hour non-stop.  Something seemed familiar about the voice on this song, so I looked it up, and sure enough it was written and performed by Yancy’s dad – Jim Wideman.

God Is Good To Me…This song of praise helps kids to remember that God is good to us and encourages them to give thanks for that.

Away In A Manger…This album wouldn’t be complete without a traditional Christmas song for preschoolers.

It’s Christmastime…This upbeat Christmas song is classic Yancy.  It will get you moving and grooving at Christmastime!

Love One Another (Lullaby Mix)…This song just about put me to sleep…which is a good thing given that it is the “Lullaby Mix.”  Seriously though, the beauty of Yancy’s voice is captured in this toned down version of Love One Another.

I was provided with a free copy of this CD for purposes of this review.  That did not in any way influence the contents of this review.


  1. Tracy Parker |

    I can’t tell you how much I love Yancy’s music. It is a favorite of our preschoolers and they rock it out to her tunes. I would love to share the CD with a family in our ministry and use the DVD with your worship time in VictoryKids!

    Last we vigorously waved branches and sang Hosanna! This week we’ll shout it out again let everyone know that Jesus is Alive!

  2. Would love to have a copy! I lead kidz worship both at church and overseas in the Philippines on missions trips. We love Yancy songs!

  3. I think this would be perfect to use for VBS.

  4. I’d like to share this with my daughter.

  5. I have heard a great deal about this CD and I think that the kids in our ministry would love it. We are not currently using any Yancy music, but I think it is time that our kids are introduced to Yancy.

    Matt N.

  6. Agree with Vanessa, this would be great for VBS!

  7. I would share this with our junior church–they would love it!

  8. I also tweeted! 🙂

  9. Congratulations to TRACY PARKER who is the winner of the Yancy CD/DVD Combo giveaway. Thanks to all you who entered!