My Votes for Kidmin Blog Madness 2012

Blog MadenssThe Kidmin Blog Madness competition is back again this year.  In past years I have campaigned heavily, and successfully, and made it to the Sweet 16 each year.  This year, I opted not to campaign and to use that time elsewhere.  The Blog Madness competition rolled on without  me (go figure), and there are 16 great blogs left in the Sweet 16.

Like previous year, I want to go on record with my picks for whatever they are worth to you!  This gets harder and harder for me each year as I get to know more and more of these bloggers personally.  In fact, this year I know, have met personally or have interacted directly with 15 out of the 16 finalist, and by all accounts Dustin Nickerson is someone I need to get to know (send me an e-mail Dustin!).  That said, I’ve tried to put personal feelings aside and go with who I believe deserves to win this thing.

Here are my picks:


My pick: Jenny Funderburke

I said in the comments to the competition that “Jenny has one the best and most underheralded kidmin blogs out there,” and I wholeheartedly believe that.  I read almost everything Jenny writes, and I learn something almost every time.  My apologies to Kenny, Justyn and Lynda who are all deserving, but this year I am pulling for Jenny to win the whole thing.


My pick: Jason Martin

I met Jason at CMX a couple of years ago, though I didn’t recognize him as “The Jaymart” at the time.  In addition to having some adorable daughters, Jason offers keen insights into children’s ministry that I really appreciate.  Plus, who doesn’t pull for the underdog?  No doubt that Sam Luce and Commander Bill are also deserving, but I went for the upset in this one.  Dustin, let’s get on that bribe and maybe next year you’ll get my endorsement!


My pick: Jim Wideman

This one really needs no explanation.  Jim Wideman is widely regarded for his influence and willingness to help others in children’s ministry.  I have benefited personally from Jim’s writings both on kidmin and parenting, and for that I will be forever grateful.  There are other people in this regional who I would pick to win the whole thing if they weren’t lumped with Jim, sorry to Amy, Greg and Matt (people I greatly admire), but that’s the luck of the drawn (aka Tony’s evil plan).


My pick:

I admire Karl Bastian for many of the same reasons I admire Jim Wideman including their willingness and passion to spread what they have learned.  Recently, I have also enjoyed following Karl’s activities as a father online as well.  All of my picks (and many others in the sweet 16) all prove that good godly parents make pretty good kidmin people as well (and vice versa).  FYI, I was really torn on this one as Jared Massey (Small Town Kidmin) is also down south.  He has a wealth of insight to offer and is a good friend, but he won last year, and no one wants to see a dynasty in the Kidmin Blog Competition.  Gina and Anthony are both also very deserving and people I admire.

MY OVERALL PICK: Jenny Funderburke

So head on over to the Kidmin Blog Competition and make sure Jenny wins!  Voting for this round ends, and the final four starts, Sunday!

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  1. If I had to choose to vote for someone else to win the whole thing, I’m pretty sure I’d pull for Jenny as well – what a great choice, Wayne.

    If you’re right, and Karl wallops me this round, you’ll see me throwing my vote toward Jenny to win the whole thing.