It’s Blog Madness Time Again

Blog Madness GraphicEvery year, my friend Tony Kummer from runs a blog madness competition for children’s ministry bloggers that coincides with March Madness.  You can find the competition HERE! Each of the last two years, I have campaigned shamelessly and relentlessly for my blog.  In the end, it’s a lot a fun as I know many of the bloggers in the competition, and we have a good time competing on a friendly level.  Each year, my shameless self-promotion has landed my blogs in the sweet sixteen.  This year, I have neither the time nor the inclination to promote my personal blogs.  If you want to vote for them, that would be great, but I do not plan to promote them this year like in previous years:

Dad in the Middle – (4th Seed) – Eastern Region

Kidmin1124 – (3rd Seed) – Midwest Region

Divorce Ministry 4 Kids (15th Seed) – Western Region

It would be nice to see all three blogs reach the sweet 16 again (I doubt it will happen), but I would like to ask that you vote for Divorce Ministry 4 Kids.  I am not interested in winning the competition, but God has laid ministry to children of divorce heavily on my heart in the last 18 months or so.  Part of our mission at Divorce Ministry 4 Kids is to raise awareness of this issue in children’s ministry circles, and this is a great opportunity for people in the children’s ministry field to learn about the ministry, the blog, and most importantly the issue.  If you are inclined to support one of my blogs this year, I would ask that you promote Divorce Ministry 4 Kids.  Help us to raise awareness about the issues faced by millions of kids each year as they suffer through their parents’ divorce.

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