Get Cheap Music For Your Children’s Ministry

clip_image002The folks at are at it again.  This time, they’ve put together an amazing collection of worship videos from the famous Uncle Charlie.  If you don’t know Uncle Charlie, you should.  I first found out about him about four years ago, and I have used his music consistently ever since.  In fact, we are using his “Fruit of the Spirit” song this weekend in my lesson about faith.  If you pick the music for your children’s ministry or just like good God honoring children’s music, you don’t want to miss this deal!

For only $97, you get over $1,670 worth of Children’s Worship Video MPEGS and Songs from Uncle Charlie.  It ends Thursday, February 16th at noon (only a few hours left).  Visit to check it out.

Included in this offering is:

  • 100 Children’s Ministry Worship Video Mpegs from Uncle Charlie ($1,010)
  • 100 Worship Song Audio Files from Uncle Charlie + Unlimited Church Distribution Rights ($500.99)
  • 54 Hand Motion Worship Leader Training Video Mpegs ($161.46)

And, just announced by e-mail this morning:

At the end of this Children’s Worship sale, we are going to draw 9 names from the list of people who got in on the deal.  These 9 people will win the Uncle Charlie Made 2 Praise 14-Volume DVD Series.  And, then we’re going to draw 1 more name from the list.  That person will win the ultimate grand prize:


That’s right.  One person who gets this deal will win Uncle Charlie for a weekend!  He will come to your church…and will do anything you want!  Here’s some ideas:

  • Worship Volunteer Training
  • Family Concert at your Church
  • Lead Your Children’s Ministry Worship
  • Lead Main Service Worship
  • Get Taco Bell, Hang Out and talk Children’s Ministry

Yeah!  This is absolutely awesome for Uncle Charlie to do this.  The main thing is that you need to book this within the next year, and work with his schedule, but other than that, it’s all good.  Whoever wins, you are one lucky person!

I’ve included one of Uncle Charlie’s videos below so you can see the type of music he does.



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  1. Hey Wayne,

    Did you snag this deal? We did and have been loving it. Do you know if there is a list that came with it? Of all the included songs? I’ve looked around and can’t find one and it’s a pain to load each CD/DVD in to see what songs are on it. Thanks!