iPad Books for Kids

For Christmas this year, my lovely wife (whom I love dearly, and for a lot more reasons than the one I am about to give) surprised me with an iPad.  I have wanted one for some time now (I’m a gadget guy), but I just couldn’t bring myself to purchase one for me.  At first, it struck mostly as an oversized iPhone (something else my wife finally broke down and decided I needed for father’s day last year).  The more I began to play with and use the iPad though, the more I began to see its great potential.  One of the the most enjoyable things I have found it to be useful for is reading.  Whether it is books read through the Kindle App or in depth bible study using Olive Tree, reading occupies a good deal of the time I spend on my iPad.

One night when I went to read to my four year old Nathan before bed, he asked if we could read a book together on the iPad.  It seemed harmless enough, so I forked out $2.99 plus tax and bought my first kids interactive book for the iPad.  Since then, he prefers, almost exclusively, to be read to from the iPad as opposed to old fashioned paper books.  Being a bit cheap, I keep my eye out for good cheap or free kids books, and I have compiled a list of Nathan’s favorites below.  If you know of any other great free / low cost kids books, please leave them in the comments below:

  1. imageCat in the Hat – I paid $2.99 for this Dr. Seuss classic.  It has options to read to you, and if your child clicks on a picture, the associated word appears.  This is a great app for young children learning to read and children of all ages who love Dr. Seuss.  The price of these books seems to go up and down frequently, so look for a good deal.  I use App Shopper to keep track of my wish list.  All of the Dr. Seuss apps are universal meaning they will work on your iPad, iPhone or iPod touch.  All of my kids use the same apple id as me so they all get access to these books on their own device.
  2. imageYou’re Only Old Once – See my description of Cat in the Hat above for additional information on how this app works.  There is a great collection of Dr. Seuss books apps available, and they’re all on my wish list waiting for the price to come down a little bit.  One of the nice things about these apps is that once you’ve used one, they all work essentially the same way.
  3. imageAesop’s Fables – This interactive app comes with one free story, and you can buy four more for a $1.99 in app purchase.  I bought them, and it was a great investment.  These are some of Nathan’s favorite stories.  There is an option to have the book read to you (a must in Nathan’s mind) and various object “shine” during the story indicating that they can be clicked on for special actions.
  4. imageThe Ugly Duckling – This classic story is retold in this wonderfully illustrated book.  You can choose to have the book read to you or read it yourself.  Either way, each page includes some items which allow your child to interact with the story – from stirring up a storm to causing crazy reactions from ducks, this one was free and a great investment.
  5. imageToy Story – This classic telling of the first movie was free and comes directly from Disney.  Mixing great illustrations and video clips from the movie, it is a captivating story and top notched in terms of quality.  To be honest, I can’t figure out why they are giving it away for free, but I’m glad they are!

These are just five, Nathan’s favorite, of about 20-30 kids books I have on the iPad.  What would you add to the list?

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