Born to Die (December 21)


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Story Behind the Song

This Bebo Norman song appeared on the 2007 album Christmas… From the Realms of Glory.

Commentary & Analysis

This songs gets right to the heart of Christmas in my mind.  The birth of Jesus was, of course, a joyous event, and as Christians we are right to celebrate it.  But, Christmas isn’t just about a birth – it’s about a baby born to die.  When God came to earth as a man, it was not simply to experience being a baby, it was with an express purpose which had been laid out for Him before the creation of the universe.  He came to live a perfect life, die on a cross for your sins and mine and be raised again in three days to conquer sin and death.  He came to save us from our sin and pay the penalty which we deserved.  He came that, through faith in him, we may have eternal life.  This baby, born in a manger to a young woman and an adoptive father, came to change the world.  He came to die.  Thank you Jesus!!! As we celebrate your birth this year, let us not lose sight of your purpose as we know that you never lost sight.  Thank you for giving your life for mine.  Thank you for choosing to be a Baby born to die!

Questions for Further Reflection / Devotion

  1. Who do believe the first verse in this song is talking about?
  2. Why do you think God chose to be a baby born to die?
  3. What does that say about what God thinks of you and how much he values you?
  4. How will you remember the cross this Christmas season?


They never knew a dark night
always had the Son’s light
on their face
Perfect in glory
Broken by the story
of untold grace…
come that day

Majesty had come down
Glory had succumbed now
to flesh and bone
In the arms of a manger
In the hands of strangers
that could not know
Just who they hold

And the angels filled the sky
All of heaven wondered why
Why their King would choose to be
Be a baby born to die

And all fell silent
For the cry of an infant,
the voice of God
Was dividing history
For those with eyes to see,
the Son would shine
From earth that night


To break the chains
Of guilt and sin
To find us here
To pull us in
So we can join in Heaven’s song
And with one voice around the throne

All the Angels filled the sky
And I can’t help but wonder why
Why this King would choose to be
Be a baby born for me
Be a baby born
Be a baby born to die

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