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Jim Wideman is one of my favorite people in children’s ministry.  From what I do know, I think if I knew him a little better he would be one of my favorite people period.  Jim is the granddaddy (now both figuratively and literally) of children’s ministry.  Jim has been doing children ministry for a long time now, and one of the things I admire most about him is that he is willing to share all of that accumulated knowledge with the rest of us.  Whether it is through his numerous conference appearances, his infuse program or The Club, Jim is always seeking to share the knowledge and experience that God has given him. 

Before I ever met Jim in person, I had read most of his books and learned a ton.  I had such a great deal of respect and admiration for him that, to be honest, I was a little bit intimidated about meeting him.  He put me at ease in about 3 seconds.  When you sit down and talk to Jim, it’s like sitting down with an old friend whether you’ve met him before or not.  He just has that type of personality!

On a personal note, I have spoken before about how much I have learned from Brother Jim when it comes to children’s ministry.  Despite all of that, I think what I appreciate learning the most from him is about being a parent.    His book, Connect With Your Kids was helpful to me as a father who is also engaged in ministry.  Likewise, his chapter in the Collaborate book called “The Missing Piece – Developing a Biblical World View In Your Children” changes certain aspects of how I raise my kids.  For that alone, in addition to everything else, I am eternally grateful to Jim.


I asked Jim to answer the following question in “just a few sentences”:

You’re the "go to guy" in the world of children’s ministry when it comes to questions and advice.  Between The Club, Infuse, conference appearances, books, etc.  I know that you get a lot of questions.  What is the most profound question someone has ever asked you about ministering to children? How did you answer?

Here is how Jim answered that question:

Just last week at the Group Kidmin Conference I was asked:

What the one thing that you need to get right to not trip you up for the long haul?

I said "Keep your love for God’s Word first and foremost. We must demonstrate a love for the Word as well and place a love for the Word in our own children and those we minister to. It’s not enough to teach it we must love the Word to the place it controls our every thought and action!"

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