Dad in the Middle Makes the Top 100

Browse the top 100 children's ministry blogs below...Tony Kummer over at has once again compiled his listing of the Top 100 children’s ministry blogs on the internet.  Last year, it was exciting when Dad in the Middle came in 13th.  I’ve always said that Dad in the Middle wasn’t about numbers, and I would be happy if one person was blessed by what I put out there.  The inclusion in the Top 100 was edifying in knowing that God was working through the blog to reach other people.  Frankly, there are lots of great kidmin blogs out there, and it was an honor to be listed among them.  A portion of last year’s ranking was based on frequency of posts, and I was churning them out at Dad in the Middle with posts roughly six days a week (excluding Twitter digests and automatic posts). 

This year, on January 18, I announced that I would be taking a break from regular blogging on the site in an article titled A Sabbath Rest and A Spiritual Battlefield (My Plans for the Future).  At the time, I wasn’t sure how long that sabbatical would be, but I knew that I would not get back to a six post per week schedule anytime soon.  Since January 18, I have published a grand total 36 posts (approximately 6 of which were related to Kidmin March madness, and four of which were for last week’s Orange Week).  That’s less than 1 article per week, and frankly there were times where I published nothing for months at a time.

So, when Tony released the new list this year, I expected Dad in the Middle to drop significantly (perhaps even fall off the list).  Instead, much to my surprise, Dad in the Middle was actually ranked:


Maybe if I write even less next year I can crack the top ten. Smile

I just wanted to take a second to thank those of you who read this blog, and particularly those who have stuck with it even though the content comes fewer and far between.  I encourage you to check out this year’s list and read through the blogs included there.  There are a lot of great blogs on the list that we can learn from.  I like what Kenny Conley (who won by the way – again!) wrote on his blog:

“…we’re just a bunch of nobody’s trying to make a difference.”

I couldn’t have said it any better myself.  Congrats to Kidmin1124 and DivorceMinistry4Kids who came in 16 and 69 on the list!

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  1. This is such incredible news! Congratulations on making the Top 100 list, and an even bigger congrats on making it so high up on the list! You do a wonderful job with this blog, and it’s obvious that you care about what you’re doing. Keep up the good work, and next year I’m sure you’ll rank even higher on the Top 100 list!