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42For regular readers of this blog, it will come as no surprise that I am huge fan of Seeds Family Worship.  Their music is based entirely on scripture, and it’s catchy to boot.  I think I’ve shared before that there are passages of the Bible I can no longer read without a Seeds Family Worship song running through my head.  We have featured several of their songs on this site including:

I also wrote an extensive review of Seeds Family Worship for last July called What’s the Deal with Seeds Family Worship?,

This week, I am excited to announce that Dad in the Middle gets to host the world premiere of a brand new Seeds Family Worship song from their 6th album titled Seeds of Character.  Beginning today over on, the band will premier one new song roughly every day through the end of the month.  The complete schedule, along with links to the blogs participating is included below.

Here is the song list from the current album along with the scriptures they are based on:

  1. MORE THAN CONQUERORS – (Romans 8:37)
  2. THE WAGES & THE GIFT (Romans 3:23 & 6:23)
  3. THE LIFE (John 14:6, I John 5:11-12)
  4. THE FRUIT (Galatians 5:16 & 22)
  5. DELIGHT (Psalm 1)
  6. TEACH THEM (Deuteronomy 6:4-7)
  7. THE PERFECT EXAMPLE (John 13:12-17)
  8. CHILDREN & FATHERS (Ephesians 6:1-4)
  9. PUT ON LOVE (Colossians 3:12 & 14a)
  10. THE CHARACTER SONG (Romans 5:1-5)
  11. GIVE THANKS (Psalm 105:1-5)

We will be premiering “Put On Love” based on Colossians 3:12 & 14a on Friday, May 20, 2010.  So, make sure to check back then for the premiere of that video.  Here is the rest of the schedule:

Date Blog Song
May 16 Ministry-to-Children The Fruit
May 17 Justin Taylor The Life
May 18 Impress Your Kids The Character Song
May 19 Sami Cone The Wages & The Gift
May 20 Dad in the Middle Put on Love
May 23 Homeschool Creations Delight
May 24 Tim Challies More Than Conquerors
May 25 Home With The Boys Teach Them
May 26 Angie Smith The Perfect Example
May 30 Faithful Provisions Give Thanks
May 31 Girl Talk Home Children & Fathers


So, make sure to check out a new song each day, and go to Seeds Family Worship to purchase a copy for yourself.  The unique packaging of each Seeds Family Worship CD gives you one to keep and one to give away to a friend.

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