My Votes in Kidmin Blog Madness

imageOK, I am taking a step away from shameless self-promotion today to promote some of the other blogs in the Kids Ministry Blog Madness 2011 tournament.  Before I do that, I should remind you to vote Dad in the Middle (3rd Seed in the East) and Kidmin1124 (7th Seed in the West). Smile Come on!  You had to expect something! Anyhow, I thought I would take a couple of minutes to tell you who I voted for any why.  There were SO MANY great blogs in the competition that narrowing it down to four in each division.  If I didn’t vote for you, rest assured that I really wrestled over the decision.  I’ve included a little insight into my thinking for each division to let you inside my head.  It’s scary in there though, so take a flashlight.  Finally, because I was so racked with guilt, I’ve also listed the next set of blogs in each division that I did not vote for.  I honestly could have voted for any of these blogs (or any of the ones not listed), and still felt OK about my vote.

That said, if things pan out the way I voted, any one of the regions would make an awesome Final Four.  I think the voting in the next round is only going to get more intense, so enjoy it now.

West Regional

2. Lemon Lime Kids (Amy Dolan)

4. Leader 2 Leader (Jim Wideman)

7. Kidmin1124

14. Roger Fields

There were so many great blogs in this division in particular that I really wrestled with who to vote for.  Kidmin1124 was easy for me.  I started the site with some great people.  I am still as passionate about the mission of the site as I was the day I started it, and I would like to think I would vote for it regardless of whether or not I was involved with it.  Jim Wideman was also an easy choice.  Through his books and his blogs and so much more, he has had a tremendous and lasting impact on my life both in my work in children’s ministry and, more importantly, as a father.  I knew of Roger from Cold Water Café long before I ever started following blogs.  I relate to his humor and his passion so much that I hardly ever read one of his articles without thinking “I wish I could I write like that!”  In addition to Amy being one of the nicest people I’ve ever interacted with, her blog is so chocked full of practical information that I had to give Lemon Lime Kids one of my votes.

Not making my cut, but definitely worthy of a vote: #3, #5 Relevant Children’s Ministry (Dale Hudson), #8 CM Buzz, #12 SojournKids,

Southeast Regional

1. Kid Inspiration (Dave Wakerley)

4. – Karl Bastian


10. Inside Northpoint Kids

I don’t have much to say here.  Dave is responsible (sort of) for the name Dad in the Middle – at least for the change from the prior name.  Karl is the grandfather of the online kidmin community (that’s no crack on your age Karl!).  Greg Baird and Kidmin360 not only put out great content but have been very supportive, and the Inside Northpoint Kids blog is so consistently chocked full of great information that I can’t believe it’s a 10th seed.

Not making my cut, but definitely worthy of a vote: #3 Orange Leaders; #5 Justyn Smith; #6 Elemental Children’s Ministry; #11 JC is ONLINE; #12 Effective Childrens Ministry; #14 The Thursday Blog; #15 Cap City Kids

East Regional

1. sam luce

3. Dad In The Middle

8. Kids Ministry 101

14. Commander Bill

I have to include Dad in the Middle otherwise my shameless self-promotion would seem even more hollow. Smile That left me with only three more votes in a regional where I needed many more.  Commander Bill is impressive in his ability to garner a lot of support.  He is also a friend and fellow writer on Kidmin1124.  Next year, I ‘m going to have to talk to Tony about getting us a little more spread out in the early rounds.  Sam Luce (I prefer the capitalized spelling unlike Tony) is a force!  I have learned more from his blog than I can share. I appreciate his transparency and willingness to share what he knows.  Finally, I voted for Kids Ministry 101.  I’m just a big fan!

Not making my cut, but definitely worthy of a vote: #2 Matt McKee Live; #6 JamieDoyle; #17 About the Children’s Department


Southwest Regional


4. Growing Kids Ministry

5. The Inclusive Church

14. Small Town Kidmin

This and the West Region were probably the toughest one for me to call.  I came down to five blogs that I “had to” vote for in the Southwest.  In the end, I had to vote for Growing Kids Ministry and Small Town Kidmin because Lindsey and Jared are collaborators over at and their blogs are awesome.  I had to vote for The Inclusive Church because Amy Fenton Lee rocks and I have learned so much about something I knew so little about from her.  That left me with the battle between Children’s Ministry Online and Jonathan (aka Jeremy) Cliff.  Kenny’s was one of the first children’s ministry blogs I ever stumbled upon and remains one of my favorites to this day.  In the end though, I went with Jonathan because he has a special tree, and how do you not vote for a guy with a special tree?

Not making my cut, but definitely worthy of a vote: #1 Children’s Ministry Online (Kenny Conley); #6 West Coast CM (Anthony Prince); #7 Free CM Stuff; #16 Glen Woods; #18 Joe McAlpine


  1. My special tree thanks you from the bottom of his tiny, tiny trunk.
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  2. Grandfather! If you were in person I'd throw my wooden teeth at you!!!!