Have You Voted for Dad in the Middle and Kidmin1124 yet (aka More Shameless Self-Promotion)

Well, I spent a good portion of yesterday trying to encourage people to visit Kids Ministry Blog Madness 2011 over on Ministry-to-Children.com and vote for:

  • Dad in the Middle (3rd Seed in the East); and
  • Kidmin1124 (7th Seed in the West).

I’ve posted on facebook.  I’ve written articles.  I’ve commented on other people’s articles.  I piggybacked on other people’s facebook posts.  Then I learned something I wasn’t aware of.  There is apparently a prize for this things, and it MIGHT be something nice.  So, I feel the need to…..ramp up the shameless promotion (did you think I was going somewhere else with that?).  I thought to myself, “Self, what would be so shameless yet so irresistible that people couldn’t help but vote for Dad in the Middle and Kidmin1124.  So, I recorded Nathan (my three year old):


If you can resist that, you are clearly cold and heartless.  You don’t want to be that, so go vote today! Smile Love you guys!  Thanks for the help!


  1. While you are voting for Wayne, go ahead and vote for small town kidmin in the southeast regional. While not voting for me does not make you "cold and heartless," (because I would never even suggest such a thing about nice people such as yourself) a vote for small town kidmin will show your generosity.

  2. Yep, even I voted for Dad in the Middle and Kidmin1124 this round… but I must say that I won't be able to vote for Dad in the Middle if he makes it to the next round (Commander Bill has that vote) and I'll try to get kidmin1124 to the finals, but if Commander Bill makes it to the final, well I'm sure you know where my vote must go 🙂