Vote Dad in the Middle and Kidmin1124 (aka It’s On Like Donkey Kong)!

imageIt is that time again! is running their annual children’s ministry March Madness competition!  Last year, Dad in the Middle made it through the first round and actually finished second in our division in the sweet sixteen.  It took a lot of shameless self-promotion, but I was pretty excited about it.  So, the time has come again, and despite my sabbatical for the last couple of month, Dad in the Middle is part of the competition once again.  This year we have some pretty steep competition.  We are in the Third seed in the East Regional up against such great competition as Sam Luce, Matt McKee, Jamie Doyle, and many others.  We’re also in the same division at huge publishers like Group’s Children’s Ministry Magazine and Lifeway.  So, we’re going to need all the help we can get.

Go HERE and vote for Dad in the Middle (3rd Seed, Eastern Regional) NOW!

You won’t regret it.  Oh, and since I won’t interrupt the mission of to promote their inaugural appearance in the competition, make sure to vote for them too (7th Seed, Western Region).  Let’s set up a showdown between Dad in the Middle and Kidmin1124 in the finals!

Thus begins my week of shameless self-promotion, smack talk, and hijacking other people’s blogs for my own benefit.  It didn’t work out for me in our fantasy football league this year, so let’s see how it works in Kidmin Blog Madness!

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  1. While you're voting for Dad in the Middle and Kidmin1124, scroll on down to the bottom of the page and vote for Small Town Kidmin. This year I'm up against Kenny Conley and Jonathan Cliff, so you know I need the help.