Top 10 in 2010–Best Articles from The Children’s Ministry Blog Patrol

2011 New YearEach month here on Dad in the Middle, I publish a monthly compilation of the best of the best in children’s ministry blog articles from the preceding month.  It is known as the The Children’s Ministry Blog Patrol, and it seemed appropriate to pick my ten favorite articles/series from those compilations for the prior year.  One caveat, I tried not to pick more than one article/series from each author, and it was tough!

1. Andy Johnson did a series on children and the gospel message. If you teach children, you should read through these articles carefully!

2. Kenny Conley did a series this year which examines various terminology that is used in Christian circles and churches which can be confusing to children.

3. Sam Luce did a great series on enduring in Children’s Ministry called Lessons for the Long Haul.

4. Jim Wideman consistently knocks it out the park with his series on his blog.  It was hard to pick just one this year, but I went with this one the Spirit Led Teacher.

5. David Wakerley shared his list of what he looks for in people who work for him in this article titled So you wanna work for me?. I think we could all use this list as a goal for how we lead our Christian lives and ministries.

6. Karl Bastian offers his prediction and his hope for the future of children’s ministry in Greg Baird’s series called The Future of Children’s Ministry. You don’t want to miss this article.

7. If you are in children’s ministry, you need to read this article from Ryan Frank called 7 children’s pastors I stay away from. Ryan shares his list of seven children’s pastors that he avoids.

8. Roger Fields explored the problems with teaching kids about virtues at church in Problem with Virtues.

9. Matt McKee provided an insightful look at what has and hasn’t changed in children’s ministry over the last three years in his article titled 10 Things that have changed and not changed in #kidmin in the last 3 years.

10. This article called Story = Danger? appeared on David Wakerley ‘s blog and should be disqualified because David already has an article in this list.  However, I’ve included this particular article in which he wonders whether or not it is appropriate to cut out the more gory parts of the Old Testament when teaching children more because of the comments and discussion that followed than the original article.

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