Top 10 in 2010 – Top Posts/Pages

2011 New YearLast year, I did a year-end post which included a number of lists from the year.  This year I decided to rip off an idea from THE Sam Luce and do a series of posts up to (and maybe in) the new year summarizing some top ten items.  In fact, I liked Sam’s idea so much, I almost stole (errr…..borrowed) his graphic as well, but I decided not to go that far!

This morning’s post is the top ten most popular posts/pages on this site based on views during the year.

  1. 5 Things Kids Must Know About Sin (#1 What Is Sin?)
  2. Branches of the Systematic Theology Tree
  3. In the Beginning…God!
  4. I believe…What I believe about sin
  5. Why I Believe the Bible #09A (The Process of Canonization – The Old Testament)
  6. A Love That Surpasses All Knowledge (A Biblical Definition of Love)
  7. 5 Things Kids Must Know About Sin (#4 What Are the Consequences of Sin?)
  8. 25 NOT SO Random Things About Me
  9. The 25 Best Christian Blogs (Presented by the Blog Patrol)
  10. Tips for Large Group Teaching in Children’s Ministry

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