An Exciting Update on My Thank You!

Given the article I wrote this morning, I wanted to update you all with some exciting news which I first wrote about this afternoon in the Kidmin1124 – December 19, 2010 Newsletter.  Here is what I wrote:

This coming Wednesday is my appointment with a neurosurgeon regarding my back pain.  I thank you all for your continued prayers and support.  I pray daily for God’s healing, but above that I pray that His will be done.  Thank you for your continued prayers for me and my family through this difficult time.

UPDATE: I wrote the paragraph above this past week.  This morning (Sunday) when I woke up, something felt different.  Usually, the early morning is a time of great pain with this particular back problem.  To compound the issue, I did not take pain medication before going to bed last night because of a prescription issue (long story, but I was trying to stretch them out).  Anyhow, I woke up and started moving around this morning expecting the pain to come back any time.  As the morning progressed, I tried to do some simple things (like sitting for more than 30 seconds) that I haven’t been able to do for the last five weeks.  As I have tried to go through my day doing more and more things and testing my back, I am amazed and awed at the grace of God.  There is still some pain, but the progression is nothing short of miraculous.  Part of me want to be cautiously optimistic, but the bigger part of me sees this as a miracle of God.

It’s funny how God works.  Just this morning, I posted an article about the situation on Dad in the Middle called A Thank You to the Kidmin Community all about the situation and asking for continued prayer.  Today is also the day I sent a letter to the kids in my class at church explaining where I’ve been and asking the kids to pray for me as well.  Finally, tonight is Nathan’s (my three year old) first Christmas program at his preschool.  I have missed my 7 & 9 year olds’ programs which was hard for me, but I have been praying that, if it was God’s will, he would heal the problem enough to let me see Nathan in his first program.  I am going to try to go tonight relying solely on the grace, strength and power of God. Isn’t it just like God to work his miracle today.  He is an awesome God, and I am not sure I have ever felt as undeserving of his grace as I do in this moment.  Thank you all for your prayers over these last weeks, and your continued prayers as I work through the remaining issues and pain continues to be appreciated!

I am still having some pain, but things have definitely gotten better (miraculously better) overnight.  I don’t know exactly what to make of all this except to say, “Praise God!”  I will continue to keep you all updated!


  1. Praise God!

  2. Thanks for sharing the good report!

  3. Praise God. So glad to hear. Hope you were able to enjoy Nathan's program. Please do keep us posted!

  4. Thank you all. Still a little residual pain probably from enjoying the fact that I could actually move around for the first time in six weeks. 🙂 Anyhow, the highlight of Nathan's program (for me anyhow) was when he saw me sitting 8-10 rows back, yelled "Daddy!" waved at me and asked (at the top of his lungs and in the middle of a song), "Is you back all better now Daddy?" 🙂
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  5. I will have to post the video once I get it edited.
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