Why I Believe the Bible #17 (The Bible’s Impact on Individual Lives)


The Bible has impacted great civilizations throughout history. We covered that last week. The Bible, and the Lord that it reveals, has impacted millions upon millions upon millions of individual lives throughout history. J. Carter Swaim once said:

“The real influence of the Bible cannot be measured: It is reckoned only in terms of hearts that have been lifted up, decisions that have been changed, the men and women who, in response to its impervious demands, have done justice and loved kindness and walked humbly with God.”

The Bible has given hope for the despondent, deliverance for the enslaved, and a light for the lost. If the only the lives of few people has been changed, the evidence would not be as compelling. However, the Bible has impacted the lives of people of all ages, races and nationalities have been changed. There are numerous lives and biographies you can look to of Christians throughout history whose lives have been changed. I can only offer my own. This is my testimony about how the Bible and Jesus Christ have changed my life.

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