What’s in the Bible? Curriculum – Your Chance to Win

Buck-DenverSeveral months ago, I reviewed the first DVD in the new series from Phil Vischer called What’s in the Bible?  You can check out that review here.  Over the last several months Amy Dolan and her team have been working tirelessly to develop a curriculum to go along with the wonderful videos.  The curriculum officially launches this week, and they have graciously offered to allow me to give you a free copy.  Here is how it works:

In celebration of the What’s in the Bible? Curriculum release, Buck Denver, MAN OF NEWS, wants to have his picture taken with You!

Download Buck’s Picture (click here to download the picture), and take a creative picture with you and Buck! You can take a black & white photo, or color in the photo, or show off your crafty skills and add buttons, feathers, and glitter! Buck would love that!  E-mail your pictures to me at wayne@kidmin1124.com or tweet the picture as explained below.   At the end of the contest, I’ll choose a winner based on the most creative photo and post it here on the blog (please note that submitting your picture to me will be deemed permission to post that picture here on this blog).

The prize is fantastic: 1 Week of What’s in the Bible? Digital Curriculum.  This includes:

  • 4 videos
  • 4 small groups
  • music
  • graphics
  • parent take home cards
  • access to the family website and
  • access to the volunteer mobile website

I have not had to opportunity to review the curriculum itself.  However, I have watched the 1st two videos in the series.  I am also familiar (as most are) with Phil Vischer’s work and the work of those who developed the curriculum. Given that, I have no doubt that it is top notch!

To share your Buck Denver Photo do one of the following:

  • E-mail me your picture at wayne@kidmin1124.com and leave a comment below to let me know it it on it’s way
  • Tweet your picture with the following caption: Buck Denver & I are celebrating the @whatsinthebible curriculum release. Win a free copy from @stocksohio! http://wp.me/pN5Ju-1ba #kidmin

Creativity takes time, so I am going to give you this week and next to take and send your picture.  I will pick a winner at the end of the day next Friday, November 26, 2010 (that’s right while everyone else is out shopping, I will be picking a winner).

To find out more about the curriculum, or if you are interested in purchasing the curriculum, the digital curriculum can be purchased at: http://curriculum.whatsinthebible.com.  The physical curriculum can be purchased at: http://kidmo.com/shop/ProductInfo.aspx?productid=WITB-101.