A Dad in the Middle Apology

imageI wanted to take a second to apologize for the barrage of posts yesterday, and apparently this morning, with my Twitter Weekly updates.  No, I do not think that what I say in Twitter is so important that you need to read it 20 times.  The Twitter Updates posts is an automated feature and, for some reason, that feature went berserk yesterday.  So, I apologize for flooding your rss reader, for over-tweeting, for multiple posts to Facebook, for e-mails that went out multiple times, and for those on CMConnect that this glitch rocketed me up to #1 in “Today’s Leaders” on that site.  I guess maybe that was the silver lining. Winking smile  The posts seem to have stopped for now – I hope!  I am looking into to why it happened in the first place and hope to avoid a similar glitch in the future.  I appreciate all of you who regularly read Dad in the Middle!  I even appreciate those of you who only stop by every once-in-a-while. Smile

Oh, and for the record, that’s not me in the picture, but it is how I felt trying to figure this whole thing out!

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