I hacked www.DadintheMiddle.com!

I hacked www.DadintheMiddle.com!

Well, what can I say… actually I don’t know how to say this because Wayne has an “s” at the end of his last name and I never know where to put the apostrophe… is anyone else confused by that?? I really think Wayne should drop the “s” and add a “y.” Then, he could change his middle name to “the” and become: Wayne the Stocky… eh, maybe not.

So, here is my attempt at the english language:

I hacked Wayne Stocks’ blog.

Please don’t tell him… he’s from Ohio and that’s close enough for him to drive over here and thump me.

Oh, and by the way… you should check out CMConnect… I mean, really, that is why I hacked this blog, right?

Michael Chanley

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