The Children’s Ministry Blog Patrol (September 2010)

Childrens Ministry Blog Patrol

Welcome back to The Children’s Ministry Blog Patrol. Every month we gather links from around the blogging world related to Children’s Ministry and issues important to those who work in Children’s Ministry and organize into one easy to use document. A friend once described it as “The Table of Contents of the Children’s Ministry Blogs.” I like that.

As always, there were a lot of great articles published this month in the world of Children’s Ministry. I hope you will take a few moments to check them out.

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As has become my custom, I have identified what I view as the best of the best, or most important, articles of the past month with this little graphic next to the title.

I used to warn you with a graphic when I was linking to posts from Dad in the Middle. Since I am now also now writing for and, that doesn’t seem as pertinent, and I have stopped using it. I guess you’ll have to fend for yourself. 

The following is a quick guide to the various sections of this month’s Children’s Ministry Blog Patrol (If you have any category ideas, please let me know):

With that introduction, let’s have a look at some articles you might have missed this past month:

Featured Article of the Month

The idea of this section is to pick the one article (or series) each month which had the greatest impact on me and I thought would be the most useful to the readers of The Children’s Ministry Blog Patrol. That said, I know myself, and there is a good chance that I may include more than one article each month where I found it impossible to pick just one. I do promise to keep it to three or fewer though! (Note: These articles are also included in their proper categories below).

Blog Series – The Spirit Led Teacher

On Teaching & Working With Kids

One of the critical roles in Children’s Ministry is that of teacher and shepherd of kids. These articles offer tips and advice on teaching and doing presentation for kids as well as general information on working with children.

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Blog Series – The Spirit Led Teacher

I loved this series from Jim Wideman on being a Spirit Led Teacher.

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Blog Series – How to Connect With Kids

In this great series from Greg Baird from Kidmin360, Greg explores a variety of ways and methods for connecting with the kids in your ministry.

  • How To CONNECT With Kids
  • How To CONNECT With Kids (Part 2)
  • How To CONNECT With Kids (Part 3)
  • How To CONNECT With Kids (Part 4)
  • How To CONNECT With Kids (Part 5)
  • How To CONNECT With Kids (Part 6)
  • How To CONNECT With Kids (Part 7)
Why You Should Use Bible Object Lessons
  • Sam Luce, in a guest post for, shares 4 reasons why object lessons are important in teaching kids and three practical tips for using them.
5 Tips on Building Rapport in Kids Church
  • Nathan Flannery shares five ways to help you connect with the kids in your church.
How to Help Kids in Children’s Ministry feel the LOVE!
  • Lindsey Whitney shares some knowledge picked up via Karl Bastian on how to show love to the kids in your ministry.
Moving Away from Application
  • Matthew Guevara writes about getting kids to ask the right questions.

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Silly Bands Lesson for Children’s Church
  • Dale Hudson, in a guest post for, shares a great kids’ church lesson using Silly Bands. I’d explain what they are, but if you work in children’s ministry and/or have kids, you already know!

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How To Make Giant Silly Bands Decorations
  • In this guest post for, Dale Hudson shares how you can make giant sized silly bands for your children’s ministry.
Praying for the Presence of God
  • Tina Houser writes on the importance of modeling real biblical prayer for kids.
Good Youth Sermon Titles
  • This article has three tips for coming up with that perfect name for your next youth sermon.
On Separation Anxiety
  • This article offers 5 tips to lessen the strain of separation anxiety.
Simple Connections…Big Impacts
  • Dale Hudson offers some great ideas for connecting with kids.
Why Kidmin Needs Serious Games
  • Matthew Guevara explores why games are important to children’s ministry.
Along the Way
  • Wendy Douglas writes about the importance of listening.
Taking time to prepare
  • Lin Pearson shares on the importance of being prepared in children’s ministry.

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Kidmin | Small Group Leader Influence
  • Dan Scott writes about the importance of small group leaders in making connections with kids.
Walk With Me
  • Wendy Douglas writes about why relationship and discipleship must be an important part of your children’s ministry

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Hiding Tennis Balls
  • Karl Bastian shares this touching story which is a poignant reminder of what can happen when you show an interest in a child’s life.

Children’s Ministry Issues

This category is a bit of a catch all for everything that doesn’t fit under another category. These articles deal with all kinds of different issues relevant to Children’s Ministry and those who work in that ministry.

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Blog Series – Lessons for the Long Haul

Sam Luce did a great series this month on lasting in Children’s Ministry.

Blog Series – 10 Things I have learned

Scott Berkley shares ten things he has learned about children’s ministry in ten years.

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Blog Series – Podcasts

Tony Kummer from started a podcast this past month with some top notched guests. Make sure to check them out and subscribe to the podcast in Itunes.

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Blog Series – ADHD and Every Child

Church4EveryChild started a new series on ADHD in kids.

Blog Series – Mistakes I Have Made

Commander Bill Gunter allows us to learn from mistakes he has made in ministry. I know Bill, so I’m pretty sure this series is only two articles long because he has only ever made two mistakes!

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Blog Series – More on Safety in Children’s Ministry

Check out Amy Fenton-Lee’s series on safety in children’s ministry – something that she is, as many of us are, very passionate about.

Blog Series – The Gap Between Kidmin and Junior High

J.C. Thompson starts a series on the differences between Children’s Ministry and Junior High Ministry.

Blog Series – Everything Speaks

Jason Martin begins a series of 20 things they do at Life Church to speak excellence in their kids’ ministries.

Blog Series – New Position Landmines

Todd McKeever continues an earlier series on landmines you might encounter in a new ministry position.

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Are You A Children’s Ministry Cup Or A Colander?
  • Barbara Graves asks how you process the kidmin ideas you hear at conferences and find in other resources. Do you hold on to them and do something with them or let them drain away?
16 Tactics for Getting More Kids in Sunday School
  • Tony Kummer offers 16 practical tips for getting more kids into your classrooms.
Fall Sunday School Decorations (or Kids Church)
  • Mimi Bullock from offers some ideas on how to decorate your children’s ministry for autumn.

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Love & Ministry
  • Amy & Kelly Dolan wrote a guest post for last month about the ups and downs of working together in ministry.
Social Media Report Card for Kidmin Publishers
  • Tony Kummer, from, ranks and evaluates the major players in the curriculum market.
Talking Tweens
  • Wendy Douglas talks about her new volunteer position working with tweens.
Promotion Sunday in Virginia
  • Theresa Haskins reflects on another promotion Sunday.

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Creative by Design
  • Matt Norman explains that, no matter how bad you are with crafts, you are still creative because that’s the way God made you!
Using Twitter for #kidmin Check-in: The First Step
  • Matt McKee begin_of_the_skype_highlighting     end_of_the_skype_highlighting wrote about Barbara Grave’s use of twitter for her children’s ministry check in.
Church Father on Childhood Learning
  • What did Irenaeus have to say about kids 1800 years ago that still applies today?
Youth Ministers Wish Senior Pastors Would
  • Check out this list of 20 things that youth pastors wish their senior pastors realized.
Encouragement | A bit of truth from Dr. Seuss
  • Dan Scott combines two of my favorite things in this article – Children’s Ministry and Dr. Seuss.
CPR: Reviving Family
  • Matt Norman wrote about his philosophy for growing a children’s ministry.

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Lessons from the Lawn
  • ”Commander” Bill Gunter shares some truths about children’s ministry that occurred to him while doing yard work.

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What I Learned from Bill’s Lawn
  • Based on an earlier article by Commander Bill, I expanded on the analogy between landscaping and children’s ministry.
The Human Side of #kidmin updated
  • Matt McKee updates an post he did several years back on the human side of children’s ministry.

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Does It Really Matter?
  • North Point Kids explains the critical nature of preschool ministry.

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10 Things that have changed and not changed in #kidmin in the last 3 years.
  • Matt McKee provides an insightful look at what has and hasn’t changed in children’s ministry over the last three years.
Preschool Ministry: More Than Babysitting
  • In this article that I wrote for, I write about a conversation with my three year old that made me thankful that my church does not view preschool ministry as babysitting.
10 Things I’ve Learned Since Becoming Children’s Director – Number 1
  • This is the final entry, much anticipated, in a series we featured several months ago.
The Secret of Advantage of Small Churches
  • In her first guest post for, Lindsey Whitney writes about some of the often overlooked advantages of being a small church.
Talking Tweens
  • Wendy Douglas shares her thoughts on working with Tweenage kids.
Couples who Serve Together….
  • Joy Bowen on the positive aspects of volunteering as a couple.

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How to Deal with the Despair of too Many Ideas
  • Barbara Graves shares some important advice on dealing with the problem of having too many good ideas.
Designing stuff for kids ministry
  • Sam Luce laments the facts that, so often children’s ministry, we don’t design things with the proper age in mind.

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It’s All About the Attitude
  • Check out this little test I came up with on Kidmin1124 to gauge your attitude about working in children’s ministry.
Children’s Ministry: The Role of the Church in Discipling Kids
  • Brian Chicoine chimes in on the three primary roles of children’s ministry and misconceptions.
The Church’s Role
  • Christine Yount Jones asks what the proper role of the church is in an information age.
How to Breed Spiritual Apathy in Your Kids
  • Doug Walter lists five things that will make your child’s faith apathetic and dead.

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Problem with Virtues
  • Roger Fields offers up his opinion on teaching kids about virtues.
The Order of Things
  • In this article, Anthony Prince explains why the order of importance the different aspects of your life hold will ultimately affect your ability to be successful.

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[Podcast] Child Safety at Church, Recruiting Volunteers, Dad in the Middle
  • I love the podcast Children’s Ministry Talk with Dick Gruber and Jason Rhode. I’m featuring this podcast for obvious reasons 
Catechismal Success
  • dot Kids explores some ways to get kids to memorize catechism.
church + leader + parent = vision
  • Amy Dolan gives some good advice on how to develop a vision statement for your children’s ministry.
Power of With vs. For
  • Justyn Smith on why we should stop doing things FOR the community and start doing things WITH them.
When Public Ministry Intersects With Personal Pain
  • What should you do as a leader when personal pain impacts your ministry?
Creating a Welcoming Environment for Children’s Ministry
  • Kristin Charles offers 10 pieces of advice on how to set up engaging and inviting atmospheres in your children’s ministry.`
KidMin Multi-Site: How we got started
  • Jenny Funderburke shares the story of how her church ventured into multi-site services.

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Planning an event: Steps I take
  • Sam Luce shares the steps he goes through when he is planning an event in this practical article.

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If Jesus Led Children’s Church
  • Karl Bastian explores what a children’s ministry run by Jesus might look like.
The Power of Collaboration
  • Inside North Point explores the real power that comes from collaboration with some practical advice on how to do that.


Anyone who knows me or follows this blog probably knows that I feel storytelling is an essential element in conveying the meaning and veracity of the Bible to kids. I’m hoping to find enough posts to have a separate section for posts related to storytelling. So, let’s see how it goes.

Blog Series – Who’s Writing the Best Story

Jeff Brodie explores the idea of writing a better story in this series.

Jet Lagged Thoughts on the Story Line Conference
  • Larry Shallenberger offers his notes from the Story Line Conference.

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Story = Danger?
  • David Wakerley wonders whether or not it is appropriate to cut out the more gory parts of the Old Testament when teaching children.


How to discipline in Children’s Ministry is an oft discussed question, and this section is dedicated to all things related to discipline.

Blog Series – These Kids Are Bored

Jamie Doyle continues his series on why kids get bored at church.

Who Needs to Pay Attention?
  • Dale Hudson on telling kids to “Pay Attention!”
Discipline Pattern for Children, Teens and Even Yourself
  • Steven Borque shares his biblical pattern for disciplining his own kids.

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Look for the Look Aways!
  • Dale Hudson, who I have now dubbed the King of Practical Advice, does it again in this article where he discusses ways to keep kids from “looking away” during your service.

Leaders and Leadership

Running a ministry takes leadership at all kinds of different levels. This section is for articles about and for leaders.

Blog Series – Build A Better Meeting

Amy Dolan continued her Monday series this month on building a better meeting.

Blog Series – I Could Learn From

Larry Shallenberger continued his series on people he could learn from. I decided to go ahead and include the posts again this month despite the fact that he names the Philadelphia Eagles head coach as a person he could learn from.

Blog Series – When Making Decisions

Justyn Smith offers this series which looks at some things you should consider when making decisions.

Don’t Give Up Quotes
  • Tamera Kraft shares some encouraging quotes on perseverance.

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Prioritizing the Important
  • Carey Nieuwhof urges us all to not let the important fall victim to the urgent.
I would never
  • Gina McClain talks about failure in ministry and why an “I would never…” approach is insufficient.

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Larry Shallenberger: The Kids Ministry Exit Interview
  • Tony Kummer interviewed Larry Shallenberger on his transition out of children’s ministry. Larry will be missed as a voice in kidmin, and this interview is well worth reading.
Why Do Leaders Refuse To Admit They Are Wrong?
  • Are you in a position of leadership. You should read this article about assessing why you may not want to admit your mistakes.

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Knowing Where You’re Going will Keep You From Making Bad Decisions
  • Donald Miller explores the importance of knowing your destination in making decisions about what to do in the present.
You Can’t Share Your Vision
  • Barbara Graves explains why you can’t effective tell someone your vision. Here’s a hint – it’s in the word itself.
What’s your reason for wanting leadership?
  • Todd McKeever shares some positive and not-so-positive reasons for desiring leadership.
Be Unreasonable!
  • Craig Groeschel explains why leaders should be intentionally unreasonable sometimes.
Incredible Thoughts on Humility
  • Don Miller with a thoughtful assessment of humility and why it might not be a good thing if everyone tells you you’re humble.
10 Personal Growth Questions
  • Perry Nobel serves up 10 questions you should ask yourself about your own personal spiritual growth. He also offers scriptural references to support each question.
7 Ways Extroverts Can Help Introverts
  • Ron Edmondson offers some advice to extroverts on how they can help those of us who aren’t quite as outgoing.
With All Your Mind
  • Carey Nieuwhof writes about the importance of using your mind when it comes to your emotions.
Four False Ideas That Destroy Leaders
  • Perry Noble shares four ideas which leaders hold that can ultimately destroy them.
Slow and Steady Wins the Race
  • Matt Norman writes about figuring out the right pace for ministry.
Leadership with an exclamation point
  • Tina Houser challenges us all to jump in and be the type of leaders who are willing to do anything they ask those they lead to do.


Most Children’s Ministries are made up principally, or entirely, of volunteers. I am amongst that number. This section includes articles related to volunteers both for volunteers and about volunteers.

The Pyramid Approach
  • Coach Shef polishes off a series on recruiting with a look at the pyramid approach to finding volunteers.

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Managing Unhappy Volunteers
  • Greg Baird offers five practical tips for dealing with unhappy volunteers including one that I think we oftentimes forget – “Learn from them.”
Using Youth in your Kids Church Team
  • Nathan Flanery offers five positive reasons that you should include teens as volunteers in your children’s ministry.

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Keep Volunteers Coming Back
  • Lots of people write about recruiting volunteers. Here is an interesting article on how to keep them once you have them.
Speak Your Volunteers’ Love Language
  • Christine Yount Jones reminds us that when we show our volunteers appreciation, we need to make sure that we are speaking their language.

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Funny Man Dan is the Kidmin1124 Volunteer Champion of the Week
  • In a brand new feature on we’ve started to recognize some Children’s Ministry volunteers who go above and beyond in their service of God’s kids. Funny Man Dan Lee-Archer was our very first recipient.
How Can I Get Volunteers From A Small Congregation
  • Children’s Ministry Monthly explores ways to help find volunteers in smaller congregations.
3 Ways to Fill Volunteer Gaps in Kids Ministry
  • Mimi Bullock from shares three ways you can fill in those nagging volunteer gaps in your ministry.
say something [to volunteers]
  • Amy Dolan shares why it’s important sometimes just to say something to your volunteers.

Family Ministry / Orange

Family Ministry is a growing trend in the field of Children’s Ministry wherein worship services and teaching are not segregated by age. Instead, the whole family is the core. This section includes articles specifically related to Family Ministry.

Blog Series – Orange Week 2.0 Recap

Check out these daily recaps from all the Orange Week 2.0 Posts

7 Ways Your Children’s Ministry Can Partner With Parents
  • Jeff McClung shares 7 tips for partnering with parents in the spiritual development of their children.
Transitions: Steps that Work
  • Gina McClain summarizes six practical steps to successfully integrating as presented by Steve Wright at D6.

Special Needs

There seems to be more and more out there every month regarding special needs ministry, and we’ve finally caught up here at the Children’s Ministry Blog Patrol by adding a new section for those articles.

Blog Series – Teaching Children With Autism

In this series written by guest writer Christine Hoover on the Inclusive Blog, she addresses the issue of teaching kids with autism.

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Awana and Special Needs
  • Commander Bill explores the basics when it comes to Awana and working with kids with special needs.
Success & Failure with a Special Needs Child
  • Commander Bill shares a special needs success story from his Awana program. Don’t miss the comment at the bottom of the article.
Top 10 Posts & Blog Update
  • Amy Fenton Lee shares the top ten blog posts from her blog The Inclusive Church. If you are not familiar with Amy’s blog, this would be a great place to start.
Special Buddies Curriculum by Lifeway
  • Amy Fenton Lee reviews a special needs curriculum from Lifeway publishers.

Kids & The Bible

Jesus should be at the center of any Children’s Ministry. That means teaching kids about Jesus, about the BIble and about theology. This section is for articles that discuss and assist with teaching kids about the Bible, theology and theological concepts.

Parallels between Joseph and Jesus
  • Lindsey Whitney compares the stories of Joseph and Jesus.

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Theology Matters for Kids
  • dot Kids explores teaching kids about theology.
30 Easy Bible Memory Verses for Children
  • Tony Kummer shares 30 great starter verses which are great for kids to start on the path of scripture memory.

Kids & Christ

In all about Christ! This section is for articles about bringing kids to Christ, bringing kids back to Christ, salvation and children, and anything along those lines. I’ll warn you that I love stories about kids being saved. So, don’t be surprised if you see quite a few of those hear too.

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The Gospel is Offensive
  • Jim Kast-Keats explores the offensive nature of the gospel.
WOW.. I encountered God through the prayers of a 3 Year Old!
  • Nicki Straza shares an experience she had where a three year old prayed for her. I love these types of stories about kids!
A Fake Jesus Children’s Ministry?
  • Nathan Gunter writes about why Jesus needs to be the focus of our children’s ministries and why he often isn’t.
Is your child ready to receive Christ?
  • GJ Farmer addresses the question of whether or not a child is ready to receive Christ.

Kids & Culture

Kid are multi-million dollar target market. Is it any wonder that kids these days have their own culture? This section looks various cultural trends and issues with kids and that affect kids.

Just Say No (So You Can Say Yes)
  • Carey Nieuwhof explains that, as parents, we have to be careful not to over-schedule so that we have time for the important things.
Boys lacking men to inspire them to mature
  • Adrian Warnock explains the importance, especially for young men, of having role models in our lives.
Memos From Your Child
  • Children’s Ministry Blog gives 20 brief statements kids would like adults to know about them
How To Be Less Productive
  • The PreTeen Ministry blog shares several ways you can slow down and avoid the busyness of life.
Wait…is that kid-friendly?
  • The Centri Kids Camp blog shares some resources for parents to help determine whether or not something is appropriate for their children to view.


With VBS getting closer and closer, the number articles related to the topic warrants its own category.

The History of Vacation Bible School
  • Lindsey Whitney shares a brief history of Vacation Bible School.


One of the fun things about working in Children’s Ministry is playing games with kids. As Games Leader in AWANA each week, this is near and dear to my heart. In this section, I have accumulated articles about and links to various games.

Bible Character Password: A Super Bible School Activity for Elementary Kids
  • The Scripture Lady provides instructions for a great game to help your kids remember some major biblical characters.

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9 Classic Game Ideas for Children’s Ministry
  • In this article I wrote for, I share 9 classic games which are great for children’s ministry.


There are lots of great books out there about Children’s Ministry and lots of great books for kids. In this section, we accumulated reviews and recommendations to such books.

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How to Retain More of What You Read
  • Michael Hyatt shares some tips for how to help you retain more of what you read. For those of us who read a lot, these tips can be really helpful.

Internet Sites and Resources

The goal of the Children’s Ministry Blog Patrol is to bring together useful resources for those involved in Children’s Ministry. Many bloggers out there write about their favorite web sites. This section is for those types of articles.

Exciting New Resource For Kidmin
  • Michael Chanley is at it again. Check out this article about his new resource – Imakidmin
Blog Series – People I’ve Met Online

Jonathan Cliff continued his series of people he has met through his online endeavors.

Top Ten Children’s Ministry Blogs
  • CM Buzz shares link to their favorite ten children’s ministry blogs.

Check It Out

25 Podcasts for Your Spiritual Growth
  • I shared a list of 25 podcasts that I listen to regularly on Kidmin1124. I’ve added tow or three since then, but the list is still pretty good.
Free Resource Friday: All Pro Dad
  • Jared Massey shared a link to a great site for Dads.

Check It Out

Top 100 Children’s Ministry Blogs
  • Tony Kummer spent hours and hours putting together an objective listing of the 100 best children’s ministry blogs on the internet. You should check these blogs out.

Coloring Pages

Recently some sites (specifically have been offering free Bible based coloring pages for use at home or in your ministry. I thought they merited their own section, so here it is!

“Do Not Fear” Coloring Pages for Halloween
  • Here are some great Halloween themed coloring pages from
Autumn Coloring Page “Let’s Thank God”
  • posted another coloring page for kids about thanking God for Autumn.
Gospel Coloring Book: How Do I Follow Jesus?
  • Check out the next coloring page from that explores how we follow Jesus.
Gospel Coloring Pages: What Makes Jesus the Best King?
  • Check out the 3rd pages in this series of coloring pages about King Jesus.

Other Kidmin Resources (Music, Conferences, Etc.)

One thing I have learned since getting involved in Children’s Ministry is that those who work in Children’s Ministry are generous to a fault. This section is full of useful resources for those working with kids.

Bulletin Insert: 10 Reasons To Bring Your Child To Sunday School
  • In this article, Tony Kummer provides a very practical bulletin insert you could use at your church listing reasons to bring kids to Sunday School.
I’m Not A Big Fan Of Puppets But….
  • Check out this free electronic version of a puppet.
7 Funny Church Jokes: Christian Humor That’s Safe For Church
  • Tony Kummer shares seven fun and funny jokes you can safely use in your children’s ministry this coming Sunday.
Printables to Help With Your Child’s Writing
  • Crafty Crow offers up a page to help get our kids writing.

Other General Resources (Bible Study, Theology, Etc.)

As those in children’s ministry, one of the things we should be committed to is growing in our own faith. I come across all kinds of resources to help with that, I will share them here.

Quickly Find Scripture with this URL Shortener
  • John Saddington shared this useful tool for shortening the URLs for scripture references.
Free Stock Video Footage
  • Andy Johnson shares a link to a site which provides royalty free stock footage that you can us ein your children’s ministry.
Edit FLV Files with this Free Adobe Air App
  • Church Crunch shares this great tool for editing FLV files.

Curriculum and Object Lessons

Curriculum was part of the Resources section before I started to see more and more object lessons as blog posts. I don’t put them all here do to time constraints, but I will link to some of my favorite every month. If you’re looking for more, trying searching the blogs that show up under this section. Many of them frequently post object lessons.

Blog Series – Sam Luce Lesson Plans

Sam Luce continued to upload lesson plans by book of the Bible this past month.

Check It Out

Curriculum Process
  • North Point Kids shares their very colorful and very organized approach to writing curriculum.
Christmas Parachute Story
  • The Children’s Minister Blog shares a Christmas story that you tell using a parachute.

Parenting and Marriage Issues

The Children’s Ministry Blog Patrol would not be complete if we did not pay attention to family issues that affect the kids we minister to. This section includes various articles and parenting and marriage.

Blog Series – Homework, A Devotional Time

In this series, I looked at ways to turn your child’s homework time into a devotional time.

Blog Series – 8 ways to empower your child to have the best school year ever!

Jim Wideman continues his series on how to help your kids have a great school year.

Check It Out

101 Creative Ideas to Keep Kids Busy WITHOUT TV, Technology, Media or…Dare I say it…Video games!
  • This list could keep your kids busy for a very very VERY long time, and that’s exactly the point. Pick two or three of these a week and make time to do them with your kids! You won’t regret it.
Hold My Hand Mommy!
  • Wendy Douglas draws the parallel between our roles as parents and God’s role in our lives.
12 Practical Strategies for Toddler Temper Tantrums
  • Ahhh, the temper tantrum. Been there…Done that. In this article, Kristin Charles share 6 practical tips for preventing them and 6 more tips for dealing with them.
Family Voice
  • Carey Nieuwhof writes about that “special” tone of voice we reserve for only our family members.
Say “I Do” to the Name Change
  • Mary Kassian writes about why women should still change their last names when they get married – very interesting article and well worth a read.

Check It Out

Parenting Reveals What I Believe About the Gospel
  • Doug Walter talks about what many of us as parents already know – God teaches us a lot through our kids. The gospel is no exception.
Do as I Say Not as I Do
  • Wendy Douglas writes about the importance of modeling the spiritual behavior we would like to see in our kids.
Learning How To Share Your Faith At Home…When You Have No Time!
  • Robert Gentry begins a series on how to share your faith with your kids.
11 Questions We Should Ask About Our Marriage!
  • Perry Nobles offers up 11 questions you should ask yourself to evaluate your marriage.
The Problem of “Kingdom” in Our Marriages
  • How does the idea of kingdom impact your marriage? Whose kingdom shapes your marriage?
Benefits of Praying with Your Spouse
  • Lindsey Whitney shares some of the many benefits of praying with your spouse.
Marriages are Built or Destroyed Moment by Moment
  • Check out this article on how to redeem your marriage.
Divorce — The Scandal of the Evangelical Conscience
  • Albert Mohler explores why the issue of divorce is not as prominent as it might be among Christian activists.
Law and Marriage, Sex, and Children
  • Justin Taylor shares portions of an article from National Review about what marriage is really for.
Would you pass the TEST??
  • Can you stop yourself from jumping in a helping your child when they are struggling? What will that mean to their future development?
Parenting Tip: Ending the Discipline Time Positively
  • Cap City Kidz shares another practical parenting tip regarding how discipline time should conclude.
Your Family Dashboard
  • Doug Wolter wonders what your family dashboard looks like today.

Just For Fun

This section includes posts from various Children’s Ministry blogs from the last month that were lighthearted, useful or just made me chuckle.

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This is how most of us will be “remembered.”
  • Abraham Piper shares a poem which summarized how most of us will be remembered once we’re gone.
Winning Strategy: How to Win at Rock, Paper, Scissors
  • John Saddington provides a scientific look at how to win at Rock, Paper, Scissors.
Be an Optimist Prime
  • Check out this fun little cartoon from David Wakerly.
There is no I in Team
  • David Wakerley (with two e’s) shares this creative look at the old saying.
If You Printed the Internet… [Infographics]
  • Here’s a great infographic from Church Crunch on what it would take to read the entire internet. You better get started quick!

Check It Out

10 Funny King James Bible Reviews on
  • Church Crunch shares 10 reviews of the KJV found on Amazon. These made me laugh out loud.
Guys, is your woman as hot as Solomon’s? Doubt it.
  • Abraham Piper shared a great literal interpretation of the woman from the Song of Solomon. Articles

This section includes a listing of my posts on Dad in the Middle alerting readers to new articles which I have published on

The Art of Prayer (By My 2 Year Old)
  • In this article I shared what I learned from prayer from my 2 year old.
10 Tips on Biblical Fatherhood
  • Thanks to my pastor for this one. Check out ten tips for Biblical Fatherhood based on a verse you might not associate with parenting.
How to Get Kids Excited About the Bible
  • Check out this list of ways to get kids excited about reading their Bibles.
Cullen’s ABC’s Online Preschool Program – A Review
  • I had never heard of an online preschool before this, but Cullen’s is top notch.
What are the Top Ten Internet Tools for Children’s Ministry?
  • I compiled a simple list of ten great internet resources for people who work in children’s ministry.
The Importance of Momentum in Your Children’s Ministry
  • Inspired by an article from Gina McClain, this article looks at the importance of understanding momentum in children’s ministry work.
Why the Worship Music You Use With Kids is Critical!
  • Worship music should not be an afterthought.
God’s Kids Communication Network VBS – A Review
  • Check out my review on this VBS kit from the Seventh Day Adventists.
My Kids Tell You What They Want Their Leaders to Know
  • I asked my kids what they want their leaders to know, and they told me.

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