Orange Week 2.0 – Day #7 Recap

Orange Week Recap Day 7 Day 7 was a day for weighing in with past Orange Conferences. Make sure to check out all the great articles from yesterday. Today marks the end of Orange Week, and the final Dad in the Middle Post will be tomorrow morning with a recap of today’s posts:

orange1KIDMIN1124 (WENDY DOUGLAS): I Am That Mom

orange1KIDMIN1124 (THERESA HASKINS): My Time as an Orange Conference Volunteer

orange1KIDMIN1124 (JARED MASSEY): Orange From A Distance: The View

orange1ORANGE LEADERS: Day 5 Orange Week 2.0

orange1ORANGE PARENTS: What’s in a Cue Box?

orange1GREG BAIRD: Gettin’ Your Orange On!

orange1MICHAEL BAYNE: Want to THINK ORANGE? Get ready for some much need…

orange1MICHAEL BAYNE: Thinking ORANGE…multi-site style

orange1JONATHAN CLIFF: Orange Conference Memories

orange1KENNY CONLEY: Painting the Community Orange

orange1KENNY CONLEY: Orange Week Day 6: Recap

orange1KENNY CONLEY: Support Orange: Get your conference badge!

orange1BARBARA GRAVES: Orange Music

orange1SAM LUCE: 10 things I learned from Orange Conferences Past.

orange1JARED MASSEY: Orange from a distance: The Binoculars

orange1DAN SCOTT: Thinking Orange | Turning Orange

orange1J.C. THOMPSON: One Size Doesn’t Fit All

orange1KEITH TUSSING: What’s the Big ORANGE Idea?

The following is a list of the blogs participating in this Orange Week. If you read blogs in a reader (like Google), you should definitely add these blogs to your list:

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