Orange Week 2.0 – Day #5 Recap

Orange Week Recap Day 5 Day 5 was supposed to be about Orange Failures.  At the end of the day, there weren’t nearly as many posts as earlier in the week, but the ones put up were definitely worth reading.  As always, please check out Kenny Conley’s summary each day which includes a lot more detail than mine including a brief description of what each article from the previous day was about.

orange1 KIDMIN1124 (BARBARA GRAVES): Orange Wednesdays

orange1 KIDMIN1124 (WENDY DOUGLAS): Just Say No to Devos

orange1 ORANGE LEADERS: Day 3 Orange Week 2.0

orange1 GREG BAIRD: If You Can Only Go To One…

orange1 MICHAEL BAYNE: yea…we have made a few mistakes!

orange1 KENNY CONLEY: Orange Week Day 4: Recap

orange1 JONATHAN CLIFF: Orange Week Giveaway

The following is a list of the blogs participating in this Orange Week. If you read blogs in a reader (like Google), you should definitely add these blogs to your list:

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