Orange Week 2.0 – Day #4 Recap

Day 4 was the continuation of yellow initiatives and there were some great articles today. Make sure to scroll through all of the articles and check out Kenny Conley’s summary each day which includes a lot more detail than mine including a brief description of what each article is about.

orange1KIDMIN 1124 (LINDSEY WHITNEY): Staff Meetings as a Yellow Initiative?


orange1MICHAEL BAYNE: Orange Week 2.0 / win free stuff from XP3 Students…

orange1NICK BLEVINS: Orange Week 2.0: Yellow (Church) Initiatives #thinkorange

orange1JONATHAN CLIFF: The Family Side of Change

orange1KENNY CONLEY: Orange Week Day 3: Recap

orange1MICHAEL HYATT: Why Michael Hyatt is Going to the Orange Conference

orange1SAM LUCE: Red resources: Tools to help families stay gospel centered.

orange1SAM LUCE: YouTube Friday: Orange Week 2.0

orange1MATT MCKEE: Orange Week 2.0: My favorite moment at any Orange Conference yet #thinkorange

orange1SUE MILLER: What Can the Church Do Better than Families?

orange1ANTHONY PRINCE: Orange Week: The Yellow Side of Orange

orange1PAT ROWLAND: Orange Week: Partnering with Parents

orange1DAN SCOTT: Thinking Orange | Yellow Student Ministries

orange1DAN SCOTT: 252 Basics | Initiative | Week 1


orange1HENRY ZONIO: Revisiting Orange 2010 – John Ortberg

The following is a list of the blogs participating in this Orange Week. If you read blogs in a reader (like Google), you should definitely add these blogs to your list:

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