Orange Week 2.0 – Day #1 Recap

Orange Week Recap Day 1 I am excited to announce the start of Orange Week 2010. Early this year, a handful of bloggers started Orange Week to more fully investigate the Orange Strategy. Starting yesterday, they decided to do it again – this time focusing on the more practical aspects of Orange. I was invited to participate and opted to do so through because I thought the volunteer and bi-vocational focus of that site may offer a differing perspective. You can read my introduction to the series over on Kidmin1124 here, and I won’t bother to repeat that information. The Monthly Children’s Ministry Blog Patrol is due out next Tuesday, but rather than triple the size of that with Orange Week entries, I have decided to dedicate the next week here on Dad in the Middle to Orange Week. Each morning around 8:00 EST, I will publish a consolidation of all Orange Week entries from the prior day. If you missed any, you’ll be able to catch them here. Plus, I decided there was going to be so much information out there that these summaries will allow you to “come back” to the information when you have more time and not miss any posts. Each day, I will also post a set of links to all of the blogs which I know of that are participating for your reference.

Make sure to check the giveaway over on Kidmin1124 as well. Unfortunately, I don’t have a giveaway to go along with these summaries, but maybe I will see if I can come up with something Orange.

There are two parts to this initial entry. Beginning Monday, and continuing into yesterday, many bloggers offered a brief introduction to the Orange philosophy and Orange Week. These are included in the Intro Posts category. Day One was officially supposed to related to Red Initiatives. As you can see many of the participants stuck to that while many went their own route. Regardless, there is much to learn from all of them!

Intro Posts

orange1ORANGE LEADERS: Plans for Orange Week 2.0

orange1MICHAEL BAYNE: Orange Week!

orange1NICK BLEVINS: Orange Week Kicks Off Today #thinkorange

orange1JONATHAN CLIFF: Orange Week 2010, again

orange1KENNY CONLEY: What is Orange?

orange1KENNY CONLEY: Orange Week 2.0

orange1MATT MCKEE: Lots of #kidmin, #stumin, and #OrangeWeek posts coming this week

orange1GINA MCCLAIN: Orange Week 2010

orange1ANTHONY PRINCE: Orange Week 2: The Sequel

orange1ANTHONY PRINCE: Orange Week TwentyX: The Launch

orange1JC THOMPSON: Orange Week 2.0

orange1JEREMY ZACH: Orange Week: Thinking Orange

orange1HENRY ZONIO: Seeing Orange This Week?

Day #1 – Red Initiatives

orange1KIDMIN1124 (WAYNE STOCKS): Welcome to Orange Week on

orange1GREG BAIRD: A Synchronized Strategy

orange1MICHAEL BAYNE: Parents – should youth leaders run from them or partner with them

orange1JONATHAN CLIFF: Why the Orange Change?

orange1KENDRA GOLDEN: Guest, Kendra Golden: Orange Week

orange1GINA MCCLAIN: Orange Week 2.0 – I See Red People

orange1MATT MCKEE: Orange Week 2.0: Why Orange? #thinkorange

orange1SAM LUCE: Retro Post Orange Week 2.0: Orange is the new Green

orange1ANTHONY PRINCE: Orange Week: Code Red

orange1DAN SCOTT: Think Orange | Integrated Strategy | Structure

orange1DAN SCOTT: Thinking Orange | Get Synchronized | Part 1

orange1DAN SCOTT: Thinking Orange | Orange Tour

orange1CHAD SWANZY: Elisha Was Orange

orange1HENRY ZONIO: Revisiting Orange 2010 – Perry Noble

orange1HENRY ZONIO: Revisiting Orange 2010 – Doug Fields

The following is a list of the blogs participating in this Orange Week.  If you read blogs in a reader (like Google), you should definitely add these blogs to your list:

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